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Dr Sirous Asadian,
Volume 5, Issue 10 (3-2018)

This study aimed to investigate the impact of Parallel teaching on the academic performance of students in the sixth grade in math and their attitude toward school was conducted. The research method was experimental and pretest-posttest with control and experimental groups. Statistical population consisted sixth female students in Tabriz in the academic year 94-95 and the sample size is 70 persons that 35 of them in the control group and 35 patients in the experimental group were exposed. So in the experimental group Parallel teaching was conducted for 2 months and in the control group one teacher was used for teaching. The Analysis of ANCOVA was performed on the math achievement of students in the experimental and control group's shows that the students' mathematics achievement between the experimental and control groups was a significant difference observed

Sirous Asadian, Sirous Asadian,
Volume 10, Issue 19 (3-2022)

This research aimed to analyze the content of computer science textbooks work- knowledge branch, design and development of web pages in terms of the concept of soft skills and it was done by content analysis method. Statistical population included computer science textbooks Kardansh branch,  and the sample size includes seven s books which was selected in a purposeful manner. The unit of analysis in this study was sentence. A researcher-made checklist was used to collect the data. Categorical method was used to analyze the collected data and frequency and percentage were used to analyze the data. The results showed the following six components: Commitment and Responsibility Skills, Communication and Teamwork Skills, Creativity and Problem Solving, Ability to plan and organize activities, the skills of using modern computing and technology and practical skills and specialized knowledge in its textbooks have not been considered as appropriate. 
Sirous Asadian, Sayad Abolahiasl, Isa Barqi,
Volume 11, Issue 22 (9-2023)

The method of this research is descriptive - survey. The statistical population of this research includes undergraduate students in the fields of education, psychology and Persian language and literature that at the time of the research, they were in the seventh semester of their studies and their number was 439 students. The sample size was selected by referring to Krejcie and Morgan table and by relative stratified random sampling method of 205 people. The instrument used in the study was researcher-made questionnaires and the reliability of the questionnaire was obtained through Cronbach's alpha of 0.847. Findings showed that in the field of cognition and emotion, new curricula have led to the acquisition of necessary knowledge and the acquisition of desirable attitudes toward the field of study in students; But in the field of psycho-motor (skills) new curricula have not led to the acquisition of desirable skills

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