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Mr. Shahram Eskandaripour, Dr. Gholamreza Hajhosseinnezhad, Dr. Majid Ali Asgari, Dr. Ali Hosseini Khah,
Volume 7, Issue 13 (3-2019)

This study aimed toexplain factors affecting qualityof teaching and determine their impact onteaching quality.The mixed research approach was used for collecting the data. The population (qualitative method) consisted of staff at central organization of university and researchers of university in 2011- 2016; they were selected using combined sampling method.The population (quantitative method)also consistedof educational assistants,headsof research andeducation department, and faculty members in2016.In qualitative study,the exploratory interviews andsemi-structured interviews wereused for collecting thedata.Inquantitative study,theidentified categories which were derived from encoding qualitative data were used to create paired comparison questionnaires; they included factors affecting quality of teaching.The resultswere analyzed using AHPmethod.Thefindings indicatedthat the contribution of teacher, educational environment, and students was estimated to be41,33, and 26 percent, respectively.Among teacher components,the professional skillsof teacher(weight326) was determined to be themost important component; among student components,theacademicrecords andexperiences(weight463)was determinedto bethe mostcomponent;andamong educational environment components,quality educational spaces and equipment(weight429)was determined to be the most important component.
Ali Haiati, Shahram Skandaripour, Alireza Assareh, Roghayeh Heydari,
Volume 11, Issue 22 (9-2023)

The present article has been done with the aim of meta-analysis of the works of research teachers in Zanjan province and has used the combined meta-analysis method and six steps of Krippendorf. From the statistical population of 129 selected works of the province, 51 works have been selected as the study sample. Data were extracted with the help of three analysts using three checklists. Research findings in terms of form show more attention of research teachers (female, elementary school, intermediate work history,…) in the field of educaotin and learning, in the methodological view indicate more use of critical approach by research teachers in Problem solving, from the combined method in data collection and analysis, from the theoretical background in proposing solutions and also; In terms of cognitive concept, it indicates that most of the issues of teaching and learning are related to the structure and method of education.

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