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Moslem Ghobadian,
Volume 4, Issue 35 (9-2017)

The purpose of this practical descriptive study was to explore the professional ethics of secondary school teachers in Khorramabad. The participants were 1089 secondary school teachers (756 women and 333 men). Based on the sampling table of Krejcie and Morgan (1970), the recommended sample was 285. Stratified random sampling technique was engaged. The required data were collected using standard questionnaire of professional ethics of employees. To analyze the data, descriptive statistics (frequency, cumulative frequency, columnar graphs) and inferential statistics (Kolmogorff-Smirnov test and non-parametric-human-Whitney test) were used. The results of the Yumann- Whitney test showed that between professional ethics and its dimensions (accountability, honesty, justice and fairness, loyalty, supremacy and competition, respect for others social values and norms) there is no significant difference between male and female teachers in secondary school in Khorramabad. In other words, it can be said that the male and female teachers of secondary school in Khoramabad  have the same attitude toward professional ethics and its components.

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