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Volume 2, Issue 30 (3-2015)

The concept of identity is one of the most crucial issues of human society.
One of the areas in which the concept of identity has been strongly
discussed, is education. In each period, affected by the terms and textural
characteristics of societies and eras, identity has found special concept.The
authors attempt to redefine education and its components, based on the
phenomenological concept of identity. The main question is that, how
education and its components must be redefined according to the
phenomenological concept of identity? This study used a qualitative
research, with the analytical and deductive method. The results showed
that ideas of education, teacher training, teacher, student, and othere
educational subjects are not defined from a particular dimension, but, are
simultaneously defined in several different directions. Teaching activities
and the concept of learning are multidimentional themes. Learning is a
multidimentional phenomena, which is born with the rise of identity in the
person. Hence, it is synonymous with identity or individual recognition. In
this sense, learning areas are the areas of identity.

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