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Volume 2, Issue 30 (3-2015)

The interest on studying Single-Sex and Coeducational Elementary
Schooling has grown significantly among researchers. Despite this, there
has been no research on this topic in Iran till now. The effects of school
type on academic achievement and social desirability which are among
important variables are examined in this research. The research design is
causal-comparative. The population is taken from students in fifth and
sixth grade from the public elementary schools in the academic year
1391/92 in Shahreiar, Tehran, Iran. The total number of the participants is
279 (half on co-ed and others on single-sex), which were selected by
random cluster sampling method. Results showed that the students from
single-sex schools had higher GPA, compared to the students of co-ed
schools. Also, it was statistically significant that the girls had better social
desirability compared to boys.

Volume 6, Issue 38 (3-2019)

The aim of this research is to attain primary teachers' experiences regarding the full implementation of descriptive- qualitative evaluation plan in primary schools. به منظور شناخت بیشتر پدیده ارزشیابی کیفی – توصیفی، مطالعه حاضر به شیوه کیفی و از نوع پدیدارشناسی با نمونه گیری هدفمند و از طریق مصاحبه نیمه ساختارمند با 12 نفر از معلمانی انجام گرفت که تجربه اجرای این طرح را در هر شش پایه تحصیلی دوره ابتدایی دارند. In order to better understanding the phenomenon of descriptive- qualitative evaluation, the present study was carried out in the qualitative method and in the type of Phenomenological with purposeful sampling and through semi-structured interviews with 12 teachers by the experience of the implementation of the plan in all six grades of elementary school. ابزار گردآوری اطلاعات مصاحبه نیمه ساختارمند بود که به دقت ثبت و در همان جلسه، با شرکت کنندگان مرور می شد و در صورت تایید مورد پذیرش قرار می گرفت. Data collection tool was semi-structured interviews being carefully recorded in the same session, and being reviewed with participants and, if approved, it will be accepted. تحلیل داده ها بر اساس راهبرد هفت مرحله ای کُلایزی صورت پذیرفت. Data analysis was carried out based on Kaiser' seven-step model.تحلیل عمیق روایت های معلمان موجب شناسایی و دسته بندی شش مزیت "پویا شدن فرایند ارزشیابی"، " کاهش منطقی استرس و افزایش اعتماد به نفس"، "مطابقت با معیارهای سنجش اصیل"، "حل مشکل مردودی" ، " رشد مهارت قضاوت"، "تقویت روحیه ی همکاری"و هفت نقطه ضعف " کاهش انگیزه دانش آموزان مستعد"، " مشکل زمان"، " نامشخص بودن مفهوم و نتایج ارزشیابی توصیفی"، "بی توجهی به جایگاه معلم"، "شکل گیری ذهنیت بی اعتمادی"، " نبود امکانات لازم" و "کاهش یادگیری عمیق و معنادار" شد. Deep analysis of narratives of teachers would identify and classify six advantage "dynamiting  process of evaluation", "logical reduction in stress and boosting confidence", "matching with the original criteria of the evaluation ", "solving the problem of failing", "developing the skills of judgment" " enhancing the spirit of cooperation" and seven weakness points  " of  reduction the incentive for talented students", " time limitation", "lack of concepts and results of descriptive evaluation", "disregarding the status of teachers", "shaping the mentality of mistrust", " lack of necessary equipment, "and deep and meaningful learning loss". یافته ها نشان Findings داد show که that معلمان interviewed teachers مصاحبهexperienced شونده، positive and negative را consequences مثبت و منفی from اثرات effects of اجرای implementation of برنامه descriptive- qualitative evaluation plan and totally face to different challenges in implementing the plan in which the present article regards them.
Mr Meysam Gholampour, Phd Hadi Pourshafei,
Volume 7, Issue 40 (3-2020)

The Aim of this study is to investigate the perception of preschool teachers attached to rural primary schools about the challenges of these centers by phenomenological method. The statistical population of the study was all the instructors of these centers in Ghaenat city in South Khorasan province, in the academic year 2018-19. Based on purposive sampling, 17 of these trainers participated in this study. Data were collected through semi-structured interview tools. Data analysis was performed through thematic coding. To evaluate the reliability of the results, the review method was used by the participants and external auditors. Based on the findings; Results in 4 main categories and 11 axes; Coaches' perceptions of nature (unnecessary, compulsory, useful but annoying), micro-level challenges (coach-related challenges, content and training challenges), macro-level challenges (environmental, managerial, peer-to-peer challenges, and Parents) and the macro level (lack of support and lack of codified planning) were categorized. Finally, according to the results, education is better considering the importance of this course than training specialized instructors in the field of preschool children education and providing a well-organized organizational structure for this course to meet the challenges of these centers, especially in the regions. Rural and primary school annex centers.
Fariba Khoshbakht, Mehdi Mohammadi, Phd Reza Naseri Jahromi, Fateme Mirghafari, Maryam Safari, Faezeh Roosta, Solmaz Khademi,
Volume 8, Issue 42 (3-2021)

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the majority of students in more than 150 countries faced school closures in their home country, which caused parents to face unforeseen circumstances and change the type of education of their children. The purpose of this study was to assess the health-oriented attitude of elementary school parents towards the reopening of schools in the Corona crisis. This is a descriptive study that was conducted by survey method. The statistical population included all parents of Elementary school students in Shiraz. 195 parents were selected using cluster sampling. The data collection tool was the Oakfield Educational Complex Questionnaire. Data was analyzed using one-sample tests by Will Coxon and Friedman. Parents have a negative attitude towards their children's participation in face-to-face classes, but a positive one towards the possibility of supporting their children's education, ensuring the health and safety of their children and school staff and forcing their children to wear masks while unable to keep social distance from each other. Finally, parents tend to have Distant education for their children, with the goal of keeping them healthy and protecting them from corona disease. They do not even agree with the Method of virtual and non-virtual education or the division of students into small groups and their Presence on different days in the classroom. 

Sajjad Behzadi, Mohammadsaleh Shokouhibidhendi,
Volume 9, Issue 43 (12-2021)

Nowadays, paying attention to textbooks as a written and codified axis of education in terms of paying attention to issues and components of citizenship, and especially citizen participation along with educational aspects, is very important and is an important aspect of an efficient school. Therefore, this study seeks to examine the extent to which textbooks pay attention to the teachings and skills required for citizen participation. The present research is descriptive-analytical and in order to achieve the intended goals, the elementary school textbooks of the academic year 2020 -2021 as the statistical population of the study were analyzed by content analysis method and the data were processed using Shannon entropy method. Findings show that in general, eight skills of questioning, participating in discussions, listening to discussions and understanding issues, responsibility, cooperation and working with others, sense of place, awareness of citizenship rights and duties, and knowledge of the city and urban management institutions. The required skills related to education and the institutionalization of citizen participation can be on the agenda. In this regard, the emphasis of textbooks is often focused on the two skills of cooperation and working with others and participation in discussions, and other skills have been neglected.

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