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Developing Strategic Management Model for Higher Education in Iran (13853 Views)
The Role of Gender Segregation on Academic Achievement and Social Acceptance in Primary Schools (10787 Views)
Analysis of national identity in textbooks (9810 Views)
Integration of Science and Technology in Primary Curriculum (9776 Views)
Impact of Information Technology in Developing and Improving the Quality of Education (9438 Views)
Students achievement motivation of drug-dependent parents (9260 Views)
The Teacher's Perspective on How to Delight Schools Considering the Physical Standards (9106 Views)
Academic Achievement Based on Students Goal Orientation and Subjective well-being and Parents Goal Orientation and Subjective well-being by Structural Equation (8753 Views)
Analysis of the Relationship between Distributed Leadership Style and Organizational Effectiveness of High Schools in Hamadan (8475 Views)
Benefiting from the Function of Hidden Curriculum in the Development of Critical Thinking among University Students (8075 Views)
The identification role of academic training on developing the entrepreneurial spirit and providing soloutions strategies for promoting among the students of Allameh TabatabaʼI University (7990 Views)
Sex education programs for children and adolescents: A Systematic Review (7883 Views)
The conformity barriers of virtual technologies in higher education according to the masters' personal epistemology: a case study (7861 Views)
Exploring the Educational Status of the Art of Film to achieve consciousness as a Requirement for Education (7741 Views)
بررسی نگرش معلمان در راستای کاربست فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات در فرایند آموزش (7515 Views)
Effecasy of Philosophy for Children Program (P4C) on the problem solving abilities and Moral Judgment of students (7444 Views)
Personal Knowledge Management: Competitive Competency of Knowledge Workers (7427 Views)
Learning Style an Approach for Academic Guidance of High School Students (7402 Views)
Organizational Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing Within Group (Case Study: Offices of the Central Building of BSI) (7348 Views)
Improving algebraic quadric equations learning in high school freshmen through using Management Education Model (7333 Views)
The Comparison of Educational-Learning Environment and Academic Locus of Control between Students of Tizhooshan, Nemooneh and Shahed Schools (7250 Views)
Using Grounded Theory to Explain the Process of Developing Self-Regulated Students in Elementary Schools with Emphasis on the Role of Teachers (7227 Views)
Assessing the Competency of Trainers and Labor- Coaches in Education with Production outside the Work and Knowledge Centre (7201 Views)
Redefine of Education and its Components Based on the Phenomenological Concept of Identity (7152 Views)
The effectiveness of play therapy and Rhythmic movements on improve the performance of attention and hearing sequences in Children (6954 Views)
Dialectics as Method and Approach in Educational Research (6877 Views)
Analyzing the Parents' Experiences of First course Elementary School Students from the Challenges of Virtual Education with Social Networks in the Time of Coronavirus Outbreak (6790 Views)
The effect of group training based on Schneider hope theory on level academic engagement and hardiness girl students in first grade (6719 Views)
تأثیر برنامه آموزش فلسفه به کودکان بر مهارت های اجتماعی دانش آموزان پایه پنجم ابتدایی (6649 Views)
The impact of Merrill instructional design model and ADDIE in learning and retention epidemiology of medical Science University of Tehran (6632 Views)
The relationship between work Conscience and Organizational Commitment of the Government boys' high school teachers in Tehran (6597 Views)
The role of test anxiety and alexithymia in students academic burnout (6499 Views)
The Relationship of Internet Addiction and Religious Orientation with Students' Academic Procrastination according to Sex (6442 Views)
The Tyler Rationale and plagiarism: A comparative Analysis of Rational book and it's revision (6438 Views)
The role and application of information literacy in realizing information and communication technology(ICT) in higher education (6373 Views)
Exploration of Relationship Between Usage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Tools and Critical Thinking Desposition Among Distance Education Students (6033 Views)
The challenges of higher education based on Friedrich Nietzsche's critique of modern culture (5998 Views)
Reinvestigating the role of teachers’ and principals’ human capitals in agility of schools (5925 Views)
Prediction of Critical Thinking Based on Emotional Creativity in University Students (5788 Views)
Identify the Characteristics and Actions of Supporting Teachers from the Student's Viewpoint: Qualitative Analysis (5655 Views)
The Comparison of Temperament, Character, and Distraction between Deaf and Normal Students (5460 Views)
Research Help Seeking Situation among Students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (5406 Views)
Relationship between wisdom and psychological well-being and academic buoyancy of students (5263 Views)
philosophical questioning , a new era in education research (5196 Views)
Path Analysis of the Effect of mobile phone usage on academic engagement: the Mediating Role of attention (5145 Views)
Comparison of Professional Ethics Between Male and Female Teachers of Secondary Schools In Khorramabad City (4803 Views)
School-based management at the level of the Islamic Republic of Iran (4594 Views)
Determine of reading and writing performance of the students of SAMA primary schools of Khorramabad Branch and their related factors (4524 Views)
Spirituality at work, job engagement, and spiritual intelligence of school principals: presentinag a model (4332 Views)
Codification of national standards for Iranian school counseling (4146 Views)
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