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Editorial Policy

IJAL publishes original research articles in different areas of Applied Linguistics; however, preference is given to papers related to research on second or foreign language teaching and learning. Articles displaying an interdisciplinary perspective are also welcome. All articles submitted for publication will be blind reviewed. Submission of a manuscript is taken to mean that it is an original work of the author(s) which has not been published elsewhere, and is not being considered for publication concurrently.

Submission Requirements:

  • Manuscripts (Word format) should be submitted to the journal electronic system (
  • Contributors should then send their manuscripts as e-mail attachments to the journal email address as well ( ).
  • Manuscripts should be typed carefully with generous margins on all sides. Double-spacing should be used throughout including notes, appendices, and references. Submissions should have a separate title page with the author(s)’ name(s), their affiliations, and postal and e-mail addresses for the corresponding author. The first page of the manuscript should carry the title of the article without the name(s) of the author(s). Articles must be accompanied by an abstract, on a separate page, of about ۲۰۰ words. Authors are requested to provide up to six key words, to appear underneath the abstract. British or American spelling is satisfactory, provided that it is used consistently throughout the manuscript.
  • When a paper has been refereed, revised if necessary, and accepted, a final electronic file containing the final proofread version of the manuscript should be sent to the editor. Authors are requested to follow the style sheet of the American Psychological Association and use Microsoft Word to prepare their manuscripts.
  • Contributions and correspondence on all editorial matters should be addressed to the journal editor-in-chief (; Tehran, No. ۴۳, Mofateh Avenue, Research Institute of Foreign Languages, KharazmiUniversity.)

:An important note (APCs):  Being an Open Access journal, IJAL depends on article processing/publishing charges which are payable in two stages
  1. After the initial in-house review and before sending the submission for the reviewers.
  2. After the acceptance of the paper by the reviewers and before issuing the formal letter of acceptence.


General Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions should not normally exceed ۸۰۰۰ words.
  • Minimize the number of notes.
  • Begin the notes on a new page before references.
  • The first note should be the acknowledgement.



  • Citations in the text should be indicated by giving the author(s)’ name(s), the year of publication, and page number(s) wherever necessary, e.g. Brown (۲۰۰۴, p. ۲۵).
  • All works cited should appear in the ‘References’ section which begins on a new page following the endnotes. References to more than one publication by an author in the same year should be distinguished alphabetically with small letters, for example, Widdowson (۱۹۹۵a). Journal and Book titles must be italicized. References should be listed as follows:



Fairclough, N. (۱۹۹۵). Critical discourse analysis. London: Longman.


Journal articles

Boers, F. (۲۰۰۱). Remembering figurative idioms by hypothesizing about their origin. Prospect, ۱۶(۳), ۳۵-۴۳.


Articles in a book

Bandura, A. (۱۹۹۵). Exercise of personal and collective efficacy in changing societies. In A. Bandura (Eds.), Self-efficacy in changing societies (pp. ۱-۴۵). New York: CambridgeUniversity Press.


Internet sources

Al-Shumaimeri, A. N. Y. (۲۰۰۵). Gender differences in reading comprehension performance in relation to content familiarity of gender-neutral texts. Retrieved from


Tables & Figures

  • Include tables and figures on separate pages.
  • Indicate in the text where the tables and figures must appear.

 Please try to avoid footnoting. 

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