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Niloofar Kianrad, Habib Hadian Fard,
Volume 2, Issue 3 (10-2014)

All the people sometimes in their life become anxious in social situations. Social phobia is exaggerated form of these fears. Social phobic patients are afraid of being seen. They scared of act somehow that being contemptional or shameful.Researchers have found four type of cognitive bias in anxious individuals: attention bias, memory bias, judgment (reasoning) and interpretation bias.One kind of reasoning bias is jumping to conclusion, that represent judgment or making decision about something without having all truth or conclusion without rationalization. So, it's possible that social phobic patients do this bias in fearful social situations.Design of this research is casual-comparative style. And for sampling, we use of convenience sampling and two groups have been experimented: 45 individuals with social phobia disorder and 45 non-patients individauls.Findings have shown that patients with social phobia, in anxiety induction situation, have jumping to conclusion bias in compare to non-patients group and make hastier decisions and judgments. Indeed, for being free from anxiety, they make decision with little and imperfect evidences. Also, result has shown that presence of supervisor could be a stressor factor for individual with social phobia that would have a negative effect on their reasoning in conditions of decision making and judgment.    

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