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Amir Haghi, M Asef, Riaz Kharrat,
Volume 9, Issue 2 (9-2015)

In this research attempts were made to estimate the in-situ stresses acting on a hydrocarbon reservoir based on routine activities of acid injection in oil reservoir. It was found that the relation between the re-opening pressure of fracture and principal in-situ stresses can be estimated using rock mechanics equations for the circular underground cavities. An appropriate relation between the maximum and minimum horizontal principal in-situ stresses and reservoir parameters such as permeability, reservoir pressure, Young’s modulus, acid viscosity, injection flow rate and etc., was developed by using the well-known Darcy equations for fluid flow in porous media. Accordingly, knowing the flow rate of acid injection during well operations and some other reservoir parameters, in-situ stresses may be estimated. The method was then successfully applied to a large carbonate reservoir as a case study in south-west of Iran. Maximum and minimum effective horizontal stresses were calculated by employing the presented method. 
Ali Reza Najibi, Mohammad Ghafoori, Gholam Reza Lashkaripour, Mohammad Reza Asef,
Volume 11, Issue 4 (Vol. 11, No. 4 Winter 1018 2018)

Determination of in situ stress-direction and magnitude are prerequisite for any oil well drilling and oil field development such as hydraulic fracturing. One of the simplest and most widely used methods is called borehole breakout analysis. Breakouts are compression fractures made in the direction of minimum horizontal in situ stress (Sh), if drilling mud pressure be lower than optimum mud pressure. Some borehole imaging logs such as FMI, FMS and UBI are appropriate tools for wellbore fracture detection. These fractures are distinguished in the logs as dark and symmetrical points (or lines) on both sides of the well and are used as an indicator for in situ stress studies. The size and shape of these fractures are strongly depend on the magnitude of the in situ stress. Therefore, many researchers suggested that by analyzing the geometric shape of the borehole breakout is an appropriate technique for estimation of in situ stress components. .... ./files/site1/files/0Extended_Abstract7.pdf

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