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Volume 1, Issue 3 (3-2004)

(Paper pages 255-270) The groundwater protection is important in order to have a good management of water resources. The Ghazvin plain situated in west of Tehran, Iran has a critical situation in which the groundwater level declines and aquifer pollution has been observed in recent years. In this research, for evaluating the groundwater vulnerability, DRASTIC index has been used for this plain. Then, a Geographic Information System (GIS), ILWIS has been used to create a groundwater vulnerability map. The results of this study estimated DRASTIC value to be in the range of 35-108 using general DRASTIC value, almost 11% of the study area was recognized to have low feasibility, 43% moderate and 37% high and 10% very high feasibility for pollution. The DRASTIC results show a good adaptation between increasing the nitrate rate and the DRASTIC index

Volume 2, Issue 2 (3-2008)

(Paper pages 431-450) One of the quality management methods of groundwater resources is assessment of pollution potential, where with regard to that the boundary of groundwater resources quality is being determined, and proper management for land efficiency in touch with aquifer could be applied. In present investigation, with regard to permeability of recharge zone in dominant part of the Baghmalek plain and use of considerable amount of agricultural fertilizers, pollution potential of groundwater has been assessed. In order to evaluate the pollution potential of groundwater in the area, AVI method, GOD and DRASTIC models have been taken into account. The collected results has indicated that in spite of sedimentary surfacial coarse grain distribution in relatively vast part of the area, the pollution potential is low in major parts of the area under investigation. The main influential factor for low pollution potential in tremendous part of the area is the fine and relatively thickness of vadose zone.

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