Journal of Economic Modeling Research- Aims & Scopes
Aims & Scopes

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Main Aims:
•    Publication of Empirical and Theoretical Research in Economics
•    Facilitation of Scientific Discussion among Economic Researchers
•    Facilitation of Publication in the Context of Interdisciplinary Researches in Economics Fields.
The Preconditions of Paper Acceptance:
•    The contribution of paper in comparison with other empirical research is necessary for the acceptance of papers.
•    The proper theoretical framework has been emphasized in this journal.
•    The localization of empirical models with emphasis on real facts and sample conditions is one of the main cases in the acceptance of papers.
•    This journal has not evaluated the re-specification and re-estimation of other papers which has been referenced in the research paper.
•    The analysis and description of empirical findings according to the real projection of the Iranian economy is one of the main benchmarks in the paper's evaluation.
•    The econometrics studies with emphasis on econometric practice and simple initial example has not been considered in the journal.   
The Special Scopes of Journal:
•    Empirical and Theoretical Modeling of Economics Fields.
•    Modeling of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Sectorial Economics
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