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Dr Afshin Mottaghi, Mr Arash Ghorbani Sepehr, Ms Parisa Ghorbani Sepehr,
Volume 0, Issue 0 (3-1921)

In the field of spatial planning of border areas, the macro-perspective view of geography should be applied in order to identify the possibilities, capabilities and limitations of border areas, at least to avoid the tensions and challenges due to unbalanced development. , Deprivation and spatial heterogeneity arise, prevented. The research method in this study is applied in terms of purpose and descriptive-analytical in terms of method. In this regard, using a combination of multi-criteria decision-making techniques similar to the ideal option (TOPSIS) and Shannon entropy coefficient, the distribution and development of spatial development indicators in health-service sectors in Kurdistan province evaluation The border cities of this province have been classified according to the level of having these indicators. The question of the present study is what is the situation of the cities of Kurdistan province in terms of spatial distribution of health and service indicators? It seems that the level of enjoyment of any of the border cities of Kurdistan province is not at the desired level. The findings of this study indicate that Kurdistan province, despite having a special position and high geopolitical potential, is still one of the most deprived provinces in the country. In addition, there is a kind of imbalance and heterogeneity in the distribution and development of facilities and development indicators in the border cities of the province. Based on the analysis of 13 indicators of the space organization from a total of 4 border cities of this province, Saqez and Baneh cities in the semi-privileged (semi-deprived) group and the two cities of Marivan and Sarvabad in the category without (deprived) place Taken. Based on the results of this study, the space organization in the border cities of Kurdistan province is highly heterogeneous and these cities are in the middle to lower level in terms of health-service development that is necessary in terms of health and services This border province should be given special attention to ensure the lasting security of the border citizens of Kurdistan.
Ms Parisa Ghorbani Sepehr, Dr Zaki Yashar, Dr Seyed Abbas Ahmadi,
Volume 0, Issue 0 (3-1921)

Climate change affects geographical scales (global, regional, national and local) and its severity varies from country to country, with droughts, warming and climate change in one country. Excessive snow and rain show up. Due to the location of Iran in low geographical offers, this country is among the countries that have not been safe from the security consequences of climate change. The present study seeks to answer two questions: 1) What are the security consequences of climate change on Iran and which components have the greatest impact on Iran? 2) Which of the pillars of good governance as a solution has the greatest impact on reducing the effects of climate change on Iran? In this study, the study population is elites and experts familiar with the subject of the study, 100 of whom were selected for snowball sampling and used a researcher-made questionnaire to collect data and The data were used for analysis and also the data were evaluated using SPSS and MINITAB software. The results of the studies according to the obtained P-value which is equal to 0.000 and is less than 0.05 alpha, indicate the difference between the natural and human consequences of climate change in Iran. The results of the Tukey test indicate that the natural consequences of climate change with an average of 4.0584 are in group A and the human consequences with an average of 3.4460 are in group B. Also, the results of Friedman test on the effect of good governance in controlling and reducing the security consequences of climate change in Iran show that accountability with an average of 5.79 in the first place, rule of law with an average of 5.62 in the first place. Second and accountability of officials with an average rating of 5.32 are in third place.
Mr Arash Ghorbani Sepehr, Dr Afshin Mottaghi, Msr Zahra Ansari, Mr Morad Delalat,
Volume 21, Issue 61 (6-2021)

The city of Tehran, based on the 1404 document and the comprehensive plan approved in 2007, is a global, sustainable and coherent city with a structure suitable for leisure and leisure as well as a well-informed urban community with appropriate infrastructure. In order to achieve such a definition, the mentioned documents include promotion of the role and position of Tehran in transnational, national and regional levels, economic development and prosperity of the city of Tehran, improvement of communication networks, environmental protection, active restitution and conservation of natural heritage , Historical and cultural city of Tehran, and the development of green spaces, public spaces, recreation and tourism are predicted. One of the most important areas that can be used to operate the above strategies is the urban tourism area in the Tehran metropolis. Therefore, the issue of competition in urban tourism is an important factor in the progress of all cities of the country in competing with each other and, as a result of the prosperity and prosperity of the country at the national level, and then in competition with neighboring countries and globally, will make rapid progress and attract much capital to the country. The main objective of the research is to study the political geography of competition in urban tourism. Seeking to reach the goal of this article, the statistical population of the study is the provinces of Iran, which Tehran province has selected as a case study. In line with the aim of the study, data related to tourist attractions were collected using the Statistical Yearbook of the provinces (Tourism Organization, Cultural Heritage, Governor's Office in 1395) and then TOPSIS and ARC map software were used to map the provinces.

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