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Dr. Mahmoud Dehghan, Dr. Ataalah Abdi, Dr. Afshin Mottaghi, Dr. Mirhadi Hosseini,
Volume 0, Issue 0 (3-1921)

In geopolitics literature, small and low-endowment states that compound lesser geopolitical potentiality and weight are considered as the trivial scale agents in comparison with the first and second level powers. These agents, in spite of the local geopolitical codes but sometimes can effect on the regional and even global events of geopolitics. The Caucasian region, historically, have had a field for appearance and exposition of sub-khans that their overall actions and agencies effected the events of the region and due to its cultural proximities to Iran, have effected in Iran’s geopolitical functions in national scale. The present paper with descriptive-analytical method, have studied historical role of the local agencies in geopolitical events of the Caucasia and their impression on the great scale events. Secondly, the paper has studied the quality of the chosen countries of the region in current circumstances of the global system. Results indicate that the Caucasian countries act according to their historical legacy as a small-scale agents among the great scale actors.
Mrs Elham Zamani, Dr Behshid Hosseini, Dr Hossein Zabihi,
Volume 0, Issue 0 (3-1921)

The analysis and evaluation of rural housing texture requires a wide range of effective factors, environmental and ecological factors are one of the important factors. Sub-climates and so on are among the factors affecting the texture of rural housing. In order to understand the environmental factors and the context of a villagechr('39')s mountainous habitat, the need for long distances and precise manual harvesting requires specific difficulties, including distance, time, cost, and ultimately uncertainty. It brings the quality of the final harvest. On the other hand, due to the increasing trend of rural housing development in recent decades and the lack of coordination of new tissues in terms of density with previous ones, it shows the indifference of these housing to the former housing and the environmental context of the villages. Today, new computational and numerical tools in architecture, with the advent of advanced mathematical knowledge in the field of architecture, have brought new dimensions to this field. Will provide. The main purpose of the present study is to investigate the effect of green and dry tissue densities as natural factors on the density of densely populated villages in different climates. This in addition to identifying the density of village textures by emphasizing the comparison of parameters will illuminate new dimensions in the context of village stairs. The simulation analysis tool is a densitometry algorithm based on aerial maps, written by the research authors. The algorithm based on negated aerial maps has the ability to detect natural tissue density in the context of village formation and residential texture. This will reduce the need for physical presence and improve the accuracy of outputs in the analysis of village texture, as well as parameter identification. , The condensation pattern of previous generations into the new generation of housing Will provide a star.

Zahra Hedjazizadeh, Sayyed Mohammad Hosseini, Ali Reza , Shokofe Layeghi,
Volume 0, Issue 0 (3-1921)

Drought is a natural hazard that annually causes significant economic, social, environmental, and life-threatening damage in vast areas of the Earth. The damages caused by this phenomenon are intangible but very extensive and costly, which, if necessary, remote sensing techniques can be a useful tool in monitoring drought due to high temporal accuracy, wide spectral coverage, ease of access, no need for atmospheric correction and ground referencing. In recent years, the province of Hamedan has faced many problems due to frequent droughts. Therefore, the present study focused on investigating and monitoring drought in Hamedan province using the Temperature Condition  index and its impact on the vegetation cover of the province using Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) remote sensing data. First, the relevant data was extracted from the Nova star database, and finally, the spatiotemporal behavior of the vegetation cover drought index was examined on 1528 pixels in Hamedan province. The spatial resolution of the data used in this study is 4 kilometers.  First, the relevant data were extracted from the Navstar database and ultimately, the spatiotemporal behavior of the drought index and vegetation cover was examined. The results indicate that drought has significantly increased the vegetation cover of Hamedan province based on remote sensing data. Kendall's coefficients indicate the presence of decreasing trends in vegetation cover at a 95 Percent confidence level. Only in May, June, and December has there been a slight decrease in vegetation cover within the extent of drought in the province. The spatial behavior analysis of the drought index on vegetation cover showed that February, March, as well as April have experienced more severe droughts within Hamedan province.
Ali Reza Karbalaee Doree, Sayyed Mohammad Hosseini, ,
Volume 17, Issue 47 (12-2017)

Air pollution is one of the most important natural hazards in cities that is one of the priorities of climate research.  In this research, synoptic situation of days polluted by ozone in Tehran have been studied and by environmental to circulation approach and cluster analysis. At first, was formed a matrix in 2417*41. Rows are indicated days and columns represent the number of stations. by cluster analysis and Ward method eight different clusters were identified. The results showed that the frequency of the ozone days have a seasonal trend and more can be seen in the first half of year in these cases the establishment subtropical high pressure in Iran. Therefore, cause the persistency of pollution in Tehran.

Sayyed Mohammad Hosseini,
Volume 18, Issue 49 (5-2018)

Precipitation is a climatic elements that have temporal - spatial distribution. In this research database of Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC) with a resolution 0.5×0.5 degree for 50 year is used, that was constituted with dimensions of 12800*600. Temporal data are on the columns and pixels (spatial data) located on the rows. The results show an increasing trend in spring and fall but in summer and winter precipitation trend has been decreased. The most amount of precipitation is located in the northern parts of the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea, Southeast Asia, southern coast of the Caspian and Central Zagros Mountains. Most of Middle East (about %95) have not trend and only in some parts of Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan ,central Iran, and areas in lower-latitude have positive trend and some East and northwest parts of Iran and some parts of Middle East also have decreasing trend of precipitation. The highest percent of area of precipitation trend gradient is 0 to 0.5.

Sayyed Mohamad Hosseini, Abdolhossein Adelzadeh,
Volume 19, Issue 52 (3-2019)

In this research, applied synoptic model for determining the average daily temperature and its relationship with the Geopotential Height in middle level (500 HPa). Therefore, two database were used: database of atmospheric circulations, includes the data of geopotential height at 500 HPa and its data were extracted from the NCEP/DOE(US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in hours 00:00; 03:00; 06:00; 09:00; 12:00; 15:00; 18:00; and 21:00 in Zulu and other, database of environmental (surface) events. Contain of average daily temperature in the Mashhad, Torbat-Heydarieh and Sabzevar stations in Khorasan Razavi Province. The maximum and minimum of these stations in the time interval from 01/01/1987 to 01/01/2014 equal as 9862 days from the meteorological organization of Iran. Then, was calculated the correlation of the average daily temperature of selected stations with high atmospheric data (500 HPa level) with the northern hemisphere in Surfer Software. The result shown, four regions in the northern hemisphere which had high correlations with selected stations. The correlation results suggest that the United States has 25 pixels, Northern China 25 pixels, Africa 45 pixels and Japan with 65 pixels. Then, weighted average of pixels in heights by multiple regression equation station. The results of diagnostic models indicate that, per geopotential height increase in the profile, the average daily temperatures of selected stations in the Sabzevar 1.4, Torbat-Heydarieh 1.3 and Mashhad 1.3 degrees Celsius will increase.

Dr Javad Sadidi, Mr Seyed Hassan Hosseini Sajedi, ,
Volume 19, Issue 53 (7-2019)

Timing framework associated with catastrophes is one of the most important issues in crisis management. In such cases, being immediate has a considerable importance and web based real-time routing service as an important tool has a significant role in relief operations improvement. At this study, a web-based real time routing service based on open source technology has designed for 11th district of Tehran aiming to efficiency enhancement of relief teams at emergency conditions. In this service ANP model was used to evaluate increasing interaction between the factors, and since the purpose of this study was to find the best possible routs between two nodes by non-negative weight according to the main distance factor, Dijkstra's algorithm has been chosen as a proper routing algorithm. Open source languages, format, libraries and software such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, GeoJSON, PHP, OpenLayer, PostGIS were also used to design the service and applying online weightings, blocking each piece of routes and re-routing procedure without blocked traffics, implementation of server-side processing and reducing the volume of the client-side’s operations, being under the browser’s surveillance, no need to install any software and the ability to use it on any operating system can be named. According to the obtained results, the path’s length and traffic’s volume variables have the most important role in target function formation (travel cost) therefore the specific path will be selected as the optimal path, with the minimized distance between the destination and the traffic volume. Depending on the traffic volume severity changes, the optimal extracted route will be changed and the system has such ability to apply online weighting in order to instantaneous routing to reduce losses.

Nafiseh Varkianipor, Doctor Seyed Mohammadreza Hosseini, Doctor Roohalla Samiee, Doctor Majid Shrafi,
Volume 19, Issue 54 (12-2019)

Abstract in the late 20th century, it has been a tremendous change in all spheres of business, such as globalization of enhancing competitiveness of information technology development competition attention to the quality of customer and such as these are the administration in the public sector with these serious challenges one of the most important approaches to address these challenges is to address the entrepreneurial debate in society as well as women play an important role in promoting employement and improving the economic situation of the community and it is an important factor in shaping social affairs. First, the analysis of sustainable rural development and sustainable development of women identified by using alpha cronbachs alpha test and sustainable development of rural sustainable development have been used to prioritize the relationship between women's entrepreneurial development and sustainable development of rural sustainable development. Women's activities led to poverty reduction and sustainable rural development.

Sohrab Amirian, Masoud Safaeipour, Mr Hassan Hosseini Amini, Mr Hossein Ebadi,
Volume 20, Issue 56 (3-2020)

Vulnerability can be considered as an inherent defect in particular dimensions of the urban environment that is susceptible to damage due to its biological and physical characteristics or design features. Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate Ahwaz city structures and fine-tune its vulnerability from a passive defense perspective and to move it towards the future prospects of a safe city. This research is applied in terms of purpose and in terms of descriptive-analytical methodology based on the spatial-model studies approach. The data of this study include 11 educational, fire, administrative, police, power lines, terminals, urban facilities, business centers, roads, urban industries, gas transmission centers and health centers. GIS software was used to analyze the research data. Therefore, distance maps were designed and standardized for measuring the neighboring pattern after identifying the effective layers in the vulnerability and using the Distance tool. The FUZZY OVERLAY tool in ArcGIS software was used for spatial distribution and micro-zoning of Ahwaz vulnerability. The results show that in the section of vulnerability zoning, 29.73% of the city area is completely vulnerable, 29% vulnerable, 21.18% moderate, 13.22% low and 6.85% of the total city area in the state of vulnerability, respectively. There is very little reception.
Sayyed Mohammad Hosseini, Fakhry Sadat Fateminiya,
Volume 21, Issue 61 (6-2021)

In this study, used the data of the Modis satellite. Satellite in the province of Hamadan for a period of 15 years to study and monitor the status of the leaf area index. The leaf area index data were analyzed. After extraction from the Modus website, coding was done in software and then extracted from the maps. Finally, the annual time series of leaf area index was obtained and its relation with rainfall and average temperature during these years. In order to investigate better, the cells above the one representing a better condition and higher leaf area density. In this regard, the years 2002, 2008 and 2011 were (0.01, 0.03, and 0.03%) of the lowest pixels higher than 1 and 2016 with 0.24 and 2014, 2009 and 2010 with 0.07 pixels higher than 1, the highest number of pixels. The common aspect of all years shows that in terms of pixels above the common places, all the years: the southern Hamadan gardens in the south of the Moradbeyk Valley, the Nahavand West fields, the south-east Malayer Gardens, the protected area Lashgar in the south-east of Malayer. The only difference seen in different years is the number of pixels. Finally, the time series of the data were the highest in 1389 and the lowest level of leaf area in the years 1381 and 2008.

Zahra Hedjazizadeh, Aras Khosravi, Seyed Asaad Hosseini, Alireza Rahimi, Ali Reza Karbalaee Doree,
Volume 21, Issue 63 (2-2022)

One of the most important energy sources in the world is solar energy, which is a renewable resource and does not cause any damage to the environment. Which all of these features justify using it as a clean energy source and economically viable cost.. Due to the relatively large area of the Iran in low latitudes and relatively dry climatic conditions, in terms of solar energy utilization it uses excellent conditions. Solar power plants are considered as power generation and transmission networks whose is important that the location features of their construction sites are effective in reducing the risk of investing in solar energy. In this study, using geographic information system and fuzzy valuation method for the criteria and method of weighing (AHP), was considered the potential of the Kavir & desert region and Makran coast for the purpose of obtaining energy from the sun. For this purpose, were used the 14 criteria related to the climatic, infrastructural, and technical and physical conditions of the area. In order to overlap the fuzzy layers were used the usual operators, Gamma, Product and also the Sum Weighted Overlay operator to compare and present the appropriate result. Each of the operators has a different sensitivity to the fuzzy overlap of the layers. For this reason, was considered the Gamma 0.9 operator, due to the high sensitivity for building power plants with high electrical power generation and the Sum Weighted Overlay operator, for the construction of smaller capacity plants. In the overlay map, using the Gamma 0.9 operator, about 2%, and in the overlay map with the weighted operator, about 33% of the study areas were found to be very suitable for the construction of solar power plants.

Mrs Elaheh Asgari, Dr Mohammad Baaghideh, Dr Majid Hosseini, Dr Alireza Entezari, Dr Asghar Kamyar,
Volume 21, Issue 63 (2-2022)

Understanding the main components of the watershed water basin and analyzing their hydrologic behavior are among the key components of any planning and management procedures in the field of water resources engineering. Today, the need to use modern technologies in hydrological modeling of watersheds has been discussed more than before. The purpose of this study is the simulation of hydrological components in various land use categories in the catchment area of the Dez river basin. Since the tool used in the research is the SWAT model and the SUFI-2 algorithm, the database used include a range of input data. In order to determine the level of sensitivity of the model to the input parameters, global sensitivity analysis was performed. Then, by adjusting the selected parameters and using the observation current, the model was calibrated and validated for the periods 2007 - 1994 and 2013 - 2008, respectively. The coefficients of NS, R2, P-factor and R-factor confirmed the model's ability to simulate river flow in the studied basin. The results of the model showed that the areas with forest use share the highest contribution to aquifer nutrition, and the barren lands have the highest surface runoff. Surface runoff has the leading role in creating the main stream of the river and after that the main flow has been effective in this area. The forest use change to Agricultural lands and pasture will change the hydrological parameters of the basin, and the result of these changes will lead to the increase in the surface runoff, the reduction of nutrition of groundwater resources and the reduction of river basin water. The SWAT model can be used as a precursor model in watershed management studies.

Mr Alireza Mohammadi, Mrs Elahe Pishgar, Mrs Leila Hosseini,
Volume 22, Issue 66 (10-2022)

According to statistics, about 300,000 disabled people live in Iran. There are about 25,738 disabled people in Ardabil province. This calls for attention to macro-planning for the disabled. This planning involves cognitive and spatial analysis of the status of the disabled people in different parts of the country. The purpose of this study was to analyze more precisely the situation of the spatial dispersion of the disabled and their relationship with different regions of the cities of Ardabil to address further the problems of accessing urban services and creating better living conditions for people with disabilities. In the present study, indicators such as age, gender, the status of residence, type and severity of disability, marital status, education and employment were analyzed using spatial statistics analysis. Also, the geographically weighted regression (GWR) model has been used to measure the relationship between the extent of development and disability. Findings of the research show that there is no relationship between the extent of development and disability in Ardabil province. The number of disabled males is higher than that of the disabled females in all cities. Disabled people in Ardabil province are young and 91.55% of them are illiterate and close to 96.74% of them are facing unemployment problems. In almost all cities of Ardabil province (73.98), there are severe to very severe disabilities and there is no specific order among different cities in the province of Ardabil regarding the type of disability, and various disabilities have been dispersed in the province.

Elahe Zoghi Hosseini, Darab Diba, Hamed Kamelnia, Mostafa Mokhtabad Ameri,
Volume 23, Issue 68 (4-2023)

The innate sense of interaction with the region is a sign of environmental sensitivity, which is very vital in the 21st century. Today, it is inevitable that regionalism should be included in a larger discourse of architecture, and that the debate over the role of the use of regional green architecture as a factor in cultural identity and sense of place should be promoted. The present study argues that regionalist architecture has entered a new phase of its evolutionary process, which is sustainable regionalism. In this view, regions must be defined in terms of their unique resources and specific constraints. Instead of being influenced by globalization, regions must follow a complex interdependence in a global and regional interaction system that is physical, social, cultural, and most importantly ecological. Therefore, using the method of qualitative content analysis based on the logic of inductive reasoning, from the textual data and architectural experiences mentioned in the research, move and by extracting the hidden concepts in it, gradually reach more abstract levels of sustainable regionalism. We will find. In addition, using the latest works of architecture selected by international institutions and awards and competitions, we are developing examples of sustainable regionalism. Achieving a model or theoretical framework that demonstrates latent disciplines and repetitive patterns in regionalist architecture and sustainable architecture can be the culmination of research.
Rasoul Ghorbani, Akbar Asghari Zamani, Rahim Gholamhosseini,
Volume 23, Issue 71 (1-2024)

There is a wide body of literature indicating a strong link between urban form and carbon emissions in the transport sector, this is done through the impact of city form components on citizen’s travel behavior. Therefore, in urban low carbon development theory, the reduction of cavalry production through changes in urban form elements is considered. This paper investigates the effects of urban form components on Tabriz Metropolitan travel behavior. Tabriz’s single-engine city form makes maximum use of personal cars for city trips resulting in increased carbon emissions in Tabriz’s urban air. Therefore, the impact of urban form elements on car-driven travel behavior has been selected as the most fundamental pillar of low carbon studies in Tabriz. The results of   the   application   of the Moran method show that the criteria used are mainly clustered and therefore have spatial autocorrelation and it is very useful to use location- based regression methods such as geographic weight regression. The results of this method show that access to metro stations in Tabriz metropolitan area the coefficient of importance of 0/40 have the least relationship with urban travel behavior, respectively and the two factors combining urban land use and business center access with a factor of importance of 0/54 are most important in urban travel behavior. It was therefore concluded that the components of urban form are more important in urban travel behavior and it needs to get more attention form city managers and planners in shaping a low-carbon city.
- Ahmad Hosseini, - Mostafa Khoshnevis, - Mohammad Reza Jafari,
Volume 24, Issue 73 (8-2024)

Old trees as the most important genetic reserves of the country have great importance and value in various aspects of ecology, forest restoration management, ecotourism and even history. In this research, after identification of the old trees in the forests of Ilam province, their morphological characteristics including DBH, trunk height, total height, crown length, min & max crown diameter, crown health, crown firmness, crown symmetry, Trunk health and trunk shape were examined. The selection of old trees was based on DBH criterion. After the forest survey, 43 old trees including 5 Petrocarya fraxinifolia, 5 Ulmus glabra, 11 Fraxinus rotundifolia, 3 Celtis caucasica, 4 Platanus orientalis, 4 Ficus carica, 7 Olea europea and 4 Cupressus sempervirens were identified. The results showed that among single-stranded trees, P. orientalis had the highest mean DBH (171 cm), total height (15.8 m) and trunk height (6 m), and among multi-stranded trees O. europea had the highest mean DBH (260 cm). P. fraxinifolia and U. glabra had the highest mean of crown length (11 m) and F. rotundifolia had the highest crown area (195 m2). The highest percentage of single-trunks belonged to the P. fraxinifolia (80%) and C. caucasica (67%). The highest percentage of healthy trunks belonged to C. sempervirens (50%) and O. europea (50%) and the highest percentage of healthy crowns belonged to P. fraxinifolia (100%), C. caucasica (100%), P. orientalis (100%), O. europea (100%) and F. carica (100%). The highest percentage of crown symmetry was belonged to C. caucasica (100%) and the highest percentage of crown freshness was belonged to P. fraxinifolia (100%), F. rotundifolia (100%), C. caucasica (100%), P. orientalis (100%), O. europea (100%) and F. carica (100%). Based on the desirable morphological characteristics of old trees, it is possible to help the strengthen and restoration of Zagros forests by producing resistant seedlings from their seeds.
Key words: Old trees, Morphology, Oak forests, Ilam.

Mr Shokrollah Kiani, Mr Ahmad Mazidi, Mr Seyed Zein Al-Abedin Hosseini,
Volume 24, Issue 74 (12-2024)

Subsidence is an environmental phenomenon caused by the gradual subsidence or sudden subsidence of the earthchr('39')s surface. The phenomenon of subsidence in residential, industrial and agricultural areas can cause catastrophic damage. In most parts of Iran, there is a high correlation between land subsidence and the decrease of groundwater level and consequently the density of soil layers. In this study, using two time series of radar images with artificial apertures from Sentinel sensors belonging to 2014 and 2019, the amount of subsidence in Damaneh plain (Frieden city) was calculated. Wells were studied in the period 2014 to 2019, the results of the study of the correlation between land subsidence with changes in groundwater level at the level of 95% was significant. In the continuation of the research, using the logistic regression model, the subsidence trend in the study area was predicted and a subsidence probability map was prepared and created as a dependent variable for the logistic regression model. The independent variables used included altitude, slope, slope direction, geology, distance from the road, distance from the river, land use, distance from the village, groundwater level, piezometric wells. The output of the model is subsidence risk zoning map which was created in five classes. The accuracy and validation of the logistic regression model was evaluated using the system performance characteristic curve and the accuracy (0.89) was obtained. The good accuracy of the logistic regression model in producing the probability map Subsidence is in the study area. In the output of the model, it was found that the area of ​​1980 hectares, equivalent to 7.9%, has a very severe subsidence that has put the situation in a dangerous situation and the need for control and management to reduce this destructive effect.

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