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Nazli Pakro, Arash Saghafi Asl,
Volume 20, Issue 57 (6-2020)

The purpose of this research was Historical Urban Texture Study based on the Experiences of Intervention of Birjand in accordance with the historic city of Pennsylvania. Therefore, in this study, we had uses of library study. In this research, according to the Delphi method, three stages of field survey were prepared. The first stage of open field study is considered to be all effective factors. The second stage of the field survey is weighted and the third stage with appropriate and desirable strategic scenarios for the development of the historical texture and reduction and redevelopment of the presentation. In this research, The data were analyzed using descriptive and then inferential statistics using SPSS 21, MICAC and MICAC software, as well as for mapping the city and the study area using the ARC GIS Geographic Information System (GIS). The results showed that the historical context of Birjand is in good condition in terms of citizens' access to urban uses (educational, cultural, recreational, green spaces and sports) which this matter was same adaptive with Pennsylvania. According to the results of private sector investment, people's participation in the creation of traditional mechanisms has a great influence on the preservation of historical works, and this should be taken into account in preserving historical works. Despite the problems in the neighborhood, citizens are happy with the neighborhood, which can increase satisfaction by fixing problems and organizing the textures. According to the results of the cross-correlation matrix in the MIC-Mac software, among the 28 key factors identified, 10 factors of citizens' financial ability, municipality performance, specific rules and regulations for exhausted and historic textures, literacy rates, population density, price Land, detailed design criteria, cultural convergence with adjacent tissues, have a direct and indirect effect on regeneration. The scenario of the fundamental movement to revive Birjand's historic texture in line with the historic city of Pennsylvania is the best scenario, and the revival of Birjand's historic texture is best achieved in this scenario, in line with the historic Pennsylvania city.

Nazli Pakro, Dariyosh Sattarzadeh,
Volume 22, Issue 65 (6-2022)

the purpose of the present study is to examine the effective factors in the institutional challenges of citizen participation in sustainable urban regeneration in Tabriz city. The present research is developmental-applied regarding the purpose and methodologically hybrid which uses both qualitative and quantitative methods. The study population was selected for interviewing among managers and experts from organizations related to the subject of research. To analyze the quantitative findings, the spss22 software and the NVivo10 software were used to analyze the field interviews. The results of this study indicate that Tabriz city faces significant institutional challenges in the area of sustainable urban regeneration, though it is possible to increase the participation of citizens in urban regeneration projects, and take a step towards meeting these challenges through utilizing institutional components of effective citizen participation in urban regeneration, changing the view of authorities towards capacity and the capabilities of NGOs, the establishment and development of NGOs in relation to urban renewal and regeneration and the removal of legal barriers associated with NGOs can.

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