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Nafiseh Varkianipor, Doctor Seyed Mohammadreza Hosseini, Doctor Roohalla Samiee, Doctor Majid Shrafi,
Volume 19, Issue 54 (12-2019)

Abstract in the late 20th century, it has been a tremendous change in all spheres of business, such as globalization of enhancing competitiveness of information technology development competition attention to the quality of customer and such as these are the administration in the public sector with these serious challenges one of the most important approaches to address these challenges is to address the entrepreneurial debate in society as well as women play an important role in promoting employement and improving the economic situation of the community and it is an important factor in shaping social affairs. First, the analysis of sustainable rural development and sustainable development of women identified by using alpha cronbachs alpha test and sustainable development of rural sustainable development have been used to prioritize the relationship between women's entrepreneurial development and sustainable development of rural sustainable development. Women's activities led to poverty reduction and sustainable rural development.

Nafiseh Varkianipor, , , Majid Ashrafi,
Volume 20, Issue 58 (10-2020)

The promotion of Entrepreneurship is the need of the community and the entrepreneursial development factors that are essential is the. Of the employment of women in Iran. Pursuit of opportunities beyond resources to create values in an article on the Entrepreneurship of the Entrepreneurship chain and sustainable social development. The elements of value chain were identified and prioritized according to experts in the second part of the paper to measure the relationship between the development of women's entrepreneurship and sustaninable social development through correlation research and strucrural equation modeling. We then discussed the results and the model entrepreneurial development model was developed based on the entrprenrurial value chain with a sustainable social development approach. This model contributes to the formulation of women's entrepreneurial activity and tacilitates the srengths and weaknesses and facilitates. Finally the presentation of the model and the link between the development of women's entrepreneurship of entrepreneurship value chain and sustainable social development were obtained.

Dr Nafiseh Varkianipoor, Dr Seyed Mohammadreza Hoseini, Dr Rohalla Samiee, Dr Majid Ashrafi,
Volume 24, Issue 74 (12-2024)

Women play an important role in promoting employment and improving the economic situation of society. Therefore, giving them identity and independence and providing the ground for their active participation in various economic and social affairs, especially entrepreneurial activities in urban areas is a very important factor of this great force.
The experts’ demographic features are analyzed. Then the components of entrepreneurship value chain and social sustainable development are sifted out using experts’ opinions (twenty of the best women entrepreneur of Golestan province), Fuzzy Delphi method, and De-fuzzy to find the components of intended variables. Validity and reliability of questionnaires are investigated by Cronbach’s Alpha and normal distribution of components and statistical samples are also analyzed by Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Student’s t-Test. In section one, the prioritization and ranking of dimensions and components of entrepreneurship value chain are addressed (by 198 of women entrepreneur of Golestan province) by using hierarchical analysis process method and Expertchoice software. In section two, to measure the relationships between the developing women’s entrepreneurship according to value chain and the social sustainable development, the Correlational research, the Structural equation for factor analysis test, and Smart pls2 software are used that show a statistical significant. In correlational research not only the relationship between variables are detected but also the type and rate of variables relationship are reachable. The results then are discussed. And the model of developing women’s entrepreneurship according to value chain with the approach of social sustainable development is presented. The model helps adjust the developing women’s entrepreneurship and show the strength and weakness.

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