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Dr Amir Shayanian, Dr Fatemeh Mozaffari Qadiklayi, Dr Ali Pahlavan,
Volume 24, Issue 73 (8-2024)

Increasing energy demand and environmental problems caused by the consumption of fossil fuels have made the use of passive solar energy methods more necessary, especially in commercial centers. On the other hand, the growth of science and technology in the world and the use of intelligent systems in buildings, has led to the completion of common methods. The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of the side wall of atriums and building intelligence in optimizing energy consumption in commercial centers of Tehran. Due to its nature, the research method is simulation with a case study and analytical approach and in terms of application type. In this research, first, the typology of the building form is introduced and the basic model is selected, and after selecting the design-builder software, validation and simulation of energy consumption in different scenarios are performed to determine the reduction of energy consumption in different situations. This research, which is taken from a doctoral dissertation, shows that the most optimal commercial centers in terms of reducing energy consumption in the climate of Central Tehran are related to atrium buildings without side walls. Also, the installation of smart awnings and light sensors at a control temperature of 22 degrees has significantly reduced energy consumption in these buildings.
Keywords: side wall, Building intelligence, atrium, Commercial center, Tehran.

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