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Saeedeh Feizi, Dr Rasol Darskhan, Dr Hasan Sattarisarbangholi,
Volume 21, Issue 62 (10-2021)

 Both visual and service quality of urban landscape play an important role in the process of visual visibility assessment and effectiveness of these services as well. Given the fact that the existence of dead, cold, and soulless spaces in cities is affected by heterogeneity and visual contamination that is free from eye-catching and desirability. Therefore, this research seeks to evaluate the visual quality of the urban landscape of the Eil Goli district of Tabriz through the scale of the SERVQUAL tool. Understand the gap between the current situation and the expectations of Tabriz people on the 45-meter of El-Goli Boulevard towards the visual quality of the urban landscape; to realize the views and preferences of Tabriz citizens regarding the visual quality of urban landscape for the 45-meter El-Goli Boulevard in order to eliminate the weaknesses while improving its visual quality, taking into account the priorities and preferences of the people and to provide informative background for decision makers to improve the urban landscape design of Tabriz. So, data collection is carried out through the various sources in a comparative-analytical manner, using the documents, records and reports. The research statistical society includes citizens, specialists and experts and managers of the Department of Parks and Municipality of District 2 in this area which totally 310 questionnaires used for data collection. A questionnaire, expert analysis and library analysis will be carried out in the field observations for two sides of the El-Goli 45-meter Boulevard. The SPSS software, Klomgroph-Smirouph and One-way ANOVA used for analyses, checking the normal distribution of variables and comparing the five dimensions of service quality respectively. The results of the study indicate the relative satisfaction of the three groups under study. Also, some suggestions presented in order to increase urban satisfaction for the 45-meter boulevard of El-Goli, Tabriz city                                                                                                                                                                 
Mina Farokhi Someh, Shahrivar Rostaei, Rasoul Ghorbani,
Volume 21, Issue 62 (10-2021)

Today, given the rapid growth of the world's population and its focus on cities, access to quality housing by urban dwellers is an essential component of influencing the long-term outlook of human communities. At the same time, considering the widespread impacts of housing on urban environments and on the economic, social and physical life of the city and its citizens, it is important to identify the factors that influence the choice of place of residence and housing. The residence has been emphasized on housing features. The type of research was applied and descriptive-analytical in nature; the method of data collection is library and field (questionnaire). The study population consisted of 384 households living in Tabriz metropolitan area. Then, tests (descriptive and inferential statistics) will be used and finally by diagnostic analysis using SPSS 22 and GIS software will analyze the relationships between variables. The results showed that demographic and lifestyle indices affect residence and housing choice and when demographic characteristics are combined with lifestyle, the choice of residence by the households is examined based on differences. Individual and lifestyle are important. Also, based on the results of the research, selection of residence and housing has a significant relationship with access to business centers, childcare centers, cultural centers, pedestrian access, parking and home warning cameras.

Mrs Nazli Pakru, Mr Mir Saeid Moosavi,
Volume 23, Issue 68 (4-2023)

Cities are a place of accumulation of material and spiritual capital of humanity, which is of great importance. This type of settlement, with more than 50 percent of the world's population in it, has become more important in recent years and has been considered for the maintenance of principled and sustainable management of all types of planning. One of these plans has been the resilience of cities. Resilience to the threats and potential hazards that affect it when it occurs.   The concept of resilience has been proposed and discussed in various dimensions and levels. In this research, emphasis is placed on the physical dimensions of urban Resilience. The purpose of this study is to assess the resilience of the 1st district(zone) of Tabriz city against earthquake, which is analyzed using the Fuzzy AHP model. The 8 criteria, include the distance From relief centers, the distance from the centers of harm, the building materials, the quality of the building, the time of the building, the distance from the network of roads, the distance from the green and open spaces and the distance from the fault, is the base of analysis. After preparing the layer for each criteria, Fuzzy layers are extracted using fuzzy functions. Using the SUM, AND, GUMMA operators, the final layers were generated, which was evaluated using the Band Collection Statistics tool, the gamma layer 0.9 was selected as the best output. based on the scenario of gamma 0.9 in the study area, about 26% of the area has very low and low resilience. In contrast, more than 22% of the range is moderate and 51% of the area have a high resilience.

Shahrzad Amirsarvari, Mohammad Ebrahim Ramazani,
Volume 23, Issue 70 (10-2023)

 The creative city will make all your try and relying to the idea of people to solve their problems and build a city of people who are looking for their desired cities. The creative city is not only a space in which creativity grows, but organizing and managing it is creatively planned. The title and general purpose of this research is the assessment of the environmental capability of Tabriz city in the formation of a creative city , Tabriz is one of the main cities of the country and among the major centers of urbanization in Iran, which is the center of East Azerbaijan province and in comparison with the center of neighboring provinces in terms of quantitative (such as population) and Quality (such as functions) has a speed positions index and is far higher in the surface. Accordingly, in this thesis at first the theoretical  foundations related to the subject has been expressed and the research method and data collection is a field and library. The statistical population of the research (using Morgan table) was 384 population of Tabriz, which was conducted through a stratified random sampling questionnaire. Validity and reliability of the questionnaire were determined by content validity and formal validity and calculating Cronbach's alpha confirmation. The results of the study showed that environmental power as well as social and social activities on the formation of creative city has a positive and significant effect on the formation of creative city. The results of this study show that tabriz city does not have the environmental power needed for the formation of creative city.
Mohammad Kazemi Garajeh, Behnam Salmani, Mohammad Hossein Rezaei Moghaddam,
Volume 24, Issue 74 (12-2024)

The purpose of the present study is to assess the land surface temperature in relation to landuse for the city of Tabriz using remote sensing technology and GIS. Landsat 8 satellite image was used to map the land surface temperature for the study area. Atmospheric correction was applied to the desired image using the FLAASH method and the land surface temperature was estimated using the split-window algorithm for the study area with an accuracy of 1.51 degrees. Landuse map of Tabriz city in 6 classes was obtained using the object-based approach in eCognition software with an accuracy of 90/03. The results of studying the relationship between land surface temperature and landuse indicate that agricultural lands with a temperature of 18.22 °C have the highest land surface temperature. Also, water areas (rivers) have the lowest (10.30 °C) land surface temperature, because of their radiant power close to one. The research results also indicate that the split-window algorithm provides reliable results for land surface temperature estimation that can be used in environmental studies and earth sciences.

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