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Ali Jalali, Batool Heidari,
Volume 8, Issue 21 (9-2021)

The limits of some of the words in the texts of the ancients, in spite of the frequent use and effort of the lexicographers, have not been well defined. One of these words is "ambre gris", which the lexicographers have written only a little information about it, and its old features and uses remain unknown to the reader of ancient texts.
Ambre gris is commonly known for its fragrance and some of its decorative and medicinal uses, while a brief glance at Arabic and Persian poetry and prose texts shows that this material has been used in the lives of ancestors more than we can imagine and has been the subject of numerous poets and writers' themes.
In this article, by studying literary, commentary, historical, scientific, etc. books in Persian and Arabic poetry and prose as much as possible, the evidence for the use of this word has been collected and analyzed.
This article discusses ambre gris mines and how it is created and the various theories about it, the types of ambre gris and its best type, the forms and how to use the ambre gris, the various uses of the ambre gris, the use of the ambre gris in the names, as well as the jurisprudential rules of the ambre gris.

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