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Zohre Ahmadypoor Anari, Hamid Reza Kharazmi,
Volume 8, Issue 20 (8-2021)

Mir Kermani was one of the contemporary poets of Khwaju Kermani, whose complete collection of poems were published based on a manuscript copy belonging to Saeed Nafisi. His poems, despite being rich and full of meaning, have remained unknown for some reason. In this library research article, using the descriptive-analytical method, the Kermani poet was introduced, and his lyrics were studied from phonetic, linguistic, intellectual, and literary perspectives. Investigating the different aspects of Mir’s lyrics indicated that his lyrics lacking monorhymes were more compared to his contemporary poets, but the nominal monorhymes were considerable in his lyrics. Various types of literal arrays such as pun and balance were abundant in his poetry. The lyric poems had a fluent language, but occasional over-attention to figures of speech and the aesthetics of the words made his verses artificial. The motif of Mir’s lyrics was romantic, and the poet mostly used lovely descriptions of the beloved. Among the forms of imagery, simile was abundantly used in his poetry, while metaphors could rarely be seen and the share of novel metaphors in his lyrics was very small. Allusion and metaphor, the devices of brevity were rarely seen in Mir’s lyrics. Generally, the poet mostly focused on thematic concepts.   

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