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Ehsan Shafighi, ,
Volume 3, Issue 7 (Autumn-Spring- 2006)

One of the main educational principles of Safavieh and schools of mysticism is preserving the mysterious and keeping the rights of Magoaw's secrets. This way, Gnostics and the followers of ways tested the competence of the  beginner disciples and the pioneers of difficult ways. By choosing the silent pen-name in Shams 1yrics and by emphasizing on silence at the end of each short story and midway of long stories of Mathnavi, especially when his dreadful waves of knowledge over the unfounded world remove the covers of mysterious houses, Jalaloddin Romi records his name as the greatest preserver of the rights of the secrets of the mysticism.
In this research, we find that Jallaloddin Romi's silence  originates from factors such as misunderstanding of his addressers, inviting to identify addresses  to identify powers, his great ability, richness of speech and, finally,  his endless interest in removing covers from the face of the bride of secrets. Perhaps, through being silent and not paying attention to external tools of recognition, the divine knowledge is acquired and Jallaloddin Romi had experienced this recognition for many times.


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