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Morteza Mohseni, Golam Reza Pirooz,
Volume 3, Issue 7 (10-2006)

Parvin Etesami, as one of the poets of the recent century, was affected by the social  structure  of Iran of both Pre-Constitutionalism and Post- Constitutionalism. In her poetry , she dealt with issues which were both reflected in the Iranian traditional culture and affected by the new culture of Iranian society flourishing following constitutionalism and the global society as well. In her later poems, based on her Negating approach, she criticized the contemporary social conditions. In so doing, she was affected by traditions and inspired by modernity. Her poetry, akin to her personality, the primary concern of the present article is the study and analysis of Parvin's sociological thoughts in the light of the social ups and downs in the Iran of late Ghajar dynasty and First Pahlavi.


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