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Hossein Alimohammadi, Fereydoon Tondnevis, Farideh Hadavi,
Volume 3, Issue 5 (4-2013)

The purpose of this study was comparison of factors that affecting on spectators of football, basketball, and volleyball professional leagues. The statistical sample of this study was 500 spectators from each league that randomly selected from attendant spectators in stadiums. For statistical analysis of data used descriptive and inferential statistics methods includes Pearson correlation coefficient for determining consistency coefficient and criterion validity of questionnaire, Cronbaches'  alpha, explorative and confirmatory factor analysis, Levin, one way Anova, welch, LSD and Tamhane`s tests by SPSS and Amos soft wares. Result showed 8 factors that affecting on spectators attendance and these factors indicated. 75% of variance. These factors were facility, information- attractiveness, performance- antiquity, timing- informing, interaction- escape and excitement. Internal consistency of final edition research questionnaire was .89. Result of hypotheses showed that all of 3 football, basketball and volleyball spectators groups have significant differences in mentioned factors except facility and timing- informing factors. Result of this research displayed that mean of factors affecting football basketball and volleyball spectators` attendance are different among them and also in priority of them. 
Dr Vahid Saatchian, Mr Bahador Azizi, Dr Hosein Alimohammadi,
Volume 8, Issue 15 (8-2018)

The porpuse of current study was to "investigate sportspersonship of Premier League Handball Players". The kind of this study was descriptive-correlative that based on the covariance matrix factor analysis conducted.The statistical population was consisted of all male professional handball players of premier league (1391-1392), that 95 person were selected as statistical sample. Also to collecting data, Knortz (2009) sportspersonship's questionnaire (MSOS) was used. Regarding to the normal distribution of data (P>0/05), the results showed that the difference between the average of observed rates in the 5 components of One's Full Commitment toward Sport Participation ( = 4/21), Respect for Social Conventions ( = 3/83) Respect for the Rules and the Officials ( = 3/84), Respect and Concern for the Opponent ( = 3/28), and the Negative Approach toward the Practice of  Sport ( = 2/89) is significant. Findings showed that the sportspersonship has a valuable place among handball players of the Premier League. Since during a competition, the athlete alongside her or his teammates trying to behave according to the style adopted by the team and his or her teammates, high-contact team sports (like handball) in comparison with other team sports (like volleyball) has a lower level of sportspersonship and this subject make clear the importance of measuring the sportspersonship's capabilities of handball players.
Dr Hadi Bagheri, Ms Shariat Zare, Dr Hosein Alimohammadi,
Volume 11, Issue 21 (7-2021)

The purpose of this study was to identify strategies attracting sponsors for Iranian women's football league. This study conducted in Delphi technique. First, strategies attractiing sponsors were listed in four categories: legislation, media broadcasting, federation/ league organization programs, and club programs. Then, the experts' opinions on these strategies were collected in three times. The research population consisted of two groups: 1) academic experts; 2) coaches and supervisors of the women's football teams in Pro league. 21 persons were selected as Delphi panel by judgment sampling. Delphi panel reached a consensus on 25 proposed strategies. "Games broadcasting; popular sports TV programs’ focus; and license for launching private TV” had the most and "governmentalized women's teams" had the least agreement. Media strategies, club activities, federation/league organization activities, and legislative decisions were prioritized, respectively. According to the results, the most important strategies were related to the media, which shows that sponsors were associated with women's football because of more public exposure and wider or more loyal target community. Therefore, with the social and religious sensitivities about women, resolving media challenges requires negotiation with socially and politically influential groups. Also, the performance of clubs should be improved to increase the league's commercial value and attractiveness. 

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