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Mr Aria Fathi Niazi, Dr Mansur Eslami, Dr Somaieh Namdar, Mr Mortaza Homayoun Nia,
Volume 8, Issue 15 (8-2018)

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of mental training compared with physical training on on foot joints and accuracy of instep penalty kick in soccer. Method research was a quasi-experimental. 33 male students of Mazandaran University organized in three groups (physical training group, mental training group and control group). After pre-test, mental and physical training groups did their practices and then participated in post-test. Kinematic data were recorded with a camera (JVC, 200HZ), and each penalty score was considered as an indicator of accuracy. Lower extremity joints (hip, knee and ankle) angle in sagittal plane and ball to foot velocity index were calculated with MATLAB2010 software. To find differences, ANOVA and tukey test was done with SPSS18 (α=0.05). Range of motion of hip and ankle joints had positive significant effect with accuracy (r=0.415 and r=0.562 respectively), but there was no significant effect between knee range of motion and accuracy. Regard to this research, we could propose to soccer trainers both practice manners depend on their conditions.
Syed Hojat Zamani Sani, Vahid Hasanpour, Zahra Fathi Rezaei, Amir Ghiamirad,
Volume 11, Issue 21 (7-2021)

The prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), as a developmental neurological condition, has increased in recent years. The present study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of cognitive-motor exercises on the improvement of some large and delicate motor skills of children with autism based on Gentile's Two-Stage Model. In the present Semi-experimental study, one of the rehabilitation centers under the supervision of Tehran Welfare Organization was selected as via the convenience sampling method and 20 children aged 6-10 years with autism were randomly divided into two homogeneous experimental and control groups. The subjects in the experimental group participated in a six-week training protocol (three sessions per week). Each session was made up of 60 minutes of cognitive-motor exercises based on Gentile’s model. Bruininks-Oseretsky subtests of motor proficiency were employed for data collection. The collected data were analyzed using the repeated measures ANOVA. The results indicated that after cognitive-motor training, running and agility skills, static and dynamic balance, upper limb coordination and response speed in the experimental group increased significantly (p<0.05). As the findings showed, cognitive-motor exercises designed as a useful method can be used to rehabilitate the fine and gross motor skills of children with autism.

Dr Alireza Elahi, Mr Farhad Fathi,
Volume 13, Issue 25 (9-2023)

The Present Study has Disburse to Determine the Factors Affecting Attendance of Iranian Spectator in Volleyball World League and its Relationship to their Purchase Behaviors. This Study was a Correlation Research and in form of Field Study. To Collect Data Standardized Questionnaires Factors Affecting Attendance’s Alimohammadi (1390) and Purchase Behavior’s Kim (2008) between Samples (n=372) were Collected and Distributed. The Opinions of Professors and Experts in the field of Sport Management Was Used to Ensure Renewed of Validity of Questions and Items that Used to Measurement the Implications of the Study. The Reliability of the Instrument Was Approved by Using Cronbach's alpha Coefficient in order for the Questionnaires Factors Affecting Attendance and Purchase Behavior Was 0/85 and 0/70. The Results Showed that Vicarious Achievement, Information and Attraction and Excitement were the most Important in Factors Affecting Attendance Spectator and in front of the Facilities, Attending and Support, Scheduling and Inform were the least Important. Results also Showed that the Attending and Support (t=4.44 and β=0.243), Operation (t=2.102 and β=0/117) and Excitement (t=2.43 and β=0/136) has a significant causal relationship with the Purchase Behavior. Considering to the Findings of Research on the Factors Affecting Attendance Spectator could be Provide Guidelines for the Management of the Federation in Attractant Spectators.

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