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Karim Beglar, Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh, Mohammad Khabiri, Farshid Tahmasebi, Benyamin Ghelichpoor Dashliboroon,
Volume 3, Issue 6 (12-2013)

Introduction: Injury is common incident in most of the sports and games. There are many reasons for the factors incident of injuries, the psychological aspect can be considered as one of them. Method: The aim of present study was to examine the relationship between psychological skills and severity of injuries in football players of Tehran premier league. 108 players of Iran premier league participated in the study. Research data was collected by injury report form and Ottawa mental skills assessment tool-3. Pearson correlation test at significant level of 95% were used for analyzing the data. Results: 90.7 % of them resulted in 1-3 days missing of match or training and there is inverse and significant relationship between psychological skills and its subdivisions (P=0/0001) and severity of sport injuries in football players. Conclusion: The findings of present study show that having high levels of psychological skills helps premier league players to handle stressful situations in sports through enhancing self-confidence and other psychological factors confronting harmful psychological factors such as stress and anxiety and lead to decrease in injury severity. 
Mr Mohammad Hasan Abdolahi, Dr Mehrzad Hamidi, Dr Najaf Aghei, Dr Mohamad Khabiri,
Volume 8, Issue 16 (12-2018)

The purpose of this research was to formulate and prioritize Foolad Mahan club strategies based on a comprehensive strategy model. The method of This study was applied- descriptive and because of the limited statistical population with size 76, the population census was used. Survey instruments were library studies, open and closed questionnaires with qualitative interviews and strategic meetings. Required data were obtained by comparative studies, examination of the existing documents, upstream laws and regulations, previous programs club and feedback from stakeholders and experts. 5 strengths, 6 weaknesses,6 opportunities and 4 threats were resulted from the strategic council meetings club. Also the results for Internal factors and external factors were 23/2 and 62/2 consequently. So, the club was placed in the position of conservative strategies. Finally, by all strategies in table SWOT, 11 strategies were formulated which placed in matrix QSPM. It was clear that the most important club strategies were development revenue and income sources club, development of club branches as well as capacity development, and optimal use of the cooperation of national and provincial institutions.
Mr Seyed Esfandiar Moosavi, Dr Mahmood Goodarzi, Dr Mohammad Khabiri, Dr Ebrahim Alidoost Ghahfarrokhi,
Volume 9, Issue 17 (9-2019)

The soccer players transfer market is a global market and there is a huge turnover in this market. The aim of this study is to Design of International Transfer Market for Iranian footballer. The current stude methodology was Exploratory mixed method. An questionnaire and  interview was used to collect data. The results showed that six  factors of players technical performance, non-technical factors players, government, the Football Association, the club and the player's agent was effective  on Iranian international footballer transfers that presented by modeling. In the end, it can be said for active in International Transfer Market for soccer players, all of the stakeholders must fulfill of their role by do best of their duties that was in the form of statements extracted
Chalak Majidi, Marjan Saffari, Mohammad Khabiri,
Volume 10, Issue 19 (8-2020)

In the recent years, adventure sports have been growing increasingly. Adventure sports are new and appealing activities that regularly include some kinds of physical and mental challenges and relative presence of natural environment. These activities are presenting new paths and sometime they called as a serious competitor for mainstream sport. The aim of this study was to present a paradigm for adventure sports development. The qualitative methodology used in this study has followed an interpretive approach that was achieved by grounded theory. Data was collected from literature, interviews, focus groups, adventure sports related documentary films and movies. Results of this study are presenting adventure sports paradigm. In this paradigm developmental causal conditions of adventure sports, contexture of adventure sports, existing intervening conditions and contextual conditions, strategies and tactics for developing adventure sports and finally consequences. To appropriate recognition and encountering with this field, that most probably will be one of the main part of sport, we suggest doing more scientific research, especially with futurology approaches. 

Dr Mohammad Khabiri, Mohammad Reza Asadpour, Dr Abdolhossein Karampour,
Volume 11, Issue 21 (7-2021)

Today, commercial companies have accepted that sportsponsoring can act as a powerful tool for promoting their value. This study examines the impact of sponsorship aspects on brand equity of sponsor while researching about Hamrah Aval Company. The research method is descriptive-analytical, and is practical in terms of research target. The research is implemented using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The statistical population of the research is consisted of the fans of Perspolis and Esteghlal football teams who are members of HamrahAval fan system.393 questionnaires were collected using stratified random sampling in the field.A researcher made questionnaire was used to collect primary data.The validity of the questionnaire was checked using confirmation of sport management and marketing professors, and its reliability was tested using Cronbach's alpha (α=0.95), and construct validity was made through confirmatory factor analysis.The findings showed that the suggested research model had a good fitness and all of the six aspects of sport sponsorship had a significant effect on the brand equity of the sponsor, and all the research hypotheses were confirmed.According to the findings, it is recommendedthat brand sponsors plan marketing activities (TV coverage and advertisements) to promote their brand equities.

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