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Mr Ali Halajian, Dr Mina Mostahfizian, Dr Hamid Reza Mirsafian, Dr Hamid Zahedi,
Volume 10, Issue 20 (11-2020)

The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the performance of Isfahan Municipality Cultural and Social Sports Organization based on the CIpp model with the approach of citizenship sports.The research method was descriptive in nature and applied in terms of purpose. In the qualitative stage of the research, first the preliminary questions of the interview were created by studying the sources related to the research, collecting information and reviewing the research.The interviewees at this stage were experts in the field of civic sports who were purposefully selected.Then, Delphi method was used in four stages to correct and improve the interview questions. In the quantitative stage of the research, the questions of the questionnaire were extracted after evaluating the themes, in the form of 94 questions, and were implemented among 113 citizen sports experts. The results showed that all four dimensions of context, input, output and process in the evaluation of the performance of this organization are higher than the average level, but need to be improved and increased. Also, evaluation and feedback on the developed programs is necessary both during and after the implementation of the program, because performance evaluation was relatively effective in achieving the goals of this program.

Hamidreza Mirsafian, Mohammamdhosein Mirsoleimani,
Volume 13, Issue 26 (12-2023)

This study aimed to measure the effect of educational intervention of the concepts sport law on coaches’ attitude, knowledge and behavior. The method of this study was quasi-experimental, including two groups, and pretest-posttest, as well as follow-up study. Hence, 50 coaches from Eghlid, Fars province were selected by availability sampling method, then accidentally divided in two experimental and control groups. A researcher made educational protocol employed in this reseach for educating the concepts of sport law. Also, for measuring the efficiency of the educational protocol, a questionnaire for measuring the coaches’ attitude (researcher made), a questionnaire for measuring the knowledge of coaches (Mirsafian, 2018), as well as a researcher made check list employed for measuring the behavior of coaches. The Covariance analyzing test as well as Repeated Measure ANOVA employed for analyzing the data provided by research’s instruments. The results indicated that educational intervention of sport law concepts significantly effect on changing the coaches’ attitude, improve their knowledge and consequently, changing their behavior after participating in 8 educational sessions. Furthermore, effect of mentioned educational intervention was stable after 3 months from finishing the educational sessions.

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