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Alireza Elahi, Mehrzad Hamidi, Mohammad Hasan Peymanfar,
Volume 3, Issue 6 (12-2013)

The aim of this study was to rank and analyze the barriers to implementing strategies in the sports system. For this purpose Analytical Hierarchy Process was used. Participants in this study compromised experts and scholars who were familiar with the strategic management in the formulation or implementation of the strategies involved in the sport (n =21). in order to provide couples with the scale AHP and confirm its validity by 6 experts. The weighting and ranking of barriers were identified by the Expert Choice software. Expert Choice software output analysis showed that the barriers to transition strategies with weighted (307/0) is the most important components in advancing the sport implementation strategies. Results also showed that at level 3 hierarchical tree, the lack of meritocracy in sports management (weight 284/0), the most important part of the infrastructure, the lack of attention to executive function of strategic plans in formulation stage (Idealist program) (weight 228/0), The main obstacle to the formulation of strategies, the commitment and belief of the few managers to implement strategies (weight 32/0), the main obstacle to the implementation of transition strategies neglect strategies in implementation in allocation of budget funds (weight 229/0),  The main obstacle is the strategies implementation stage. The findings of this study can be a source of solutions for strategic programs formulators and performers in the sports organizations.
Majid Yazdanpanah, Hossein Akbari Yazdi, Alireza Elahi,
Volume 100, Issue 100 (10-2020)

Purpose: Developing the Strategy Map and Prioritizing the Strategies of Developing Sports at National Iranian Gas Company throughISM and AHP approaches
Methodology: The present study has used a mixed methods approach (qualitative and quantitative), and it is an applied-developmental study in terms of purpose. Nine personswere selected as the members of the strategic council. The upstream documents, literaturereview and ideas of the members of strategic council were examined. The questionnaireswere distributed among the selected expertsand the data were collected after the confirmation of the questionnaire validity by university professors. At first, the experts determined the strategies of the company, through AHP method, resulting from the studies of strategic planning committee of the mentioned organization in terms of the mutual impacts, thenISM method was employed to identify the important relationships in developing the strategy map.
Findings: Sports strategy map is divided into five levels and the strategies for developing thehealth-basedplans and activities, enhancing the mutual interactions with the sports organizations and boosting the sports motivations and culture have been placedon the first level.
Conclusion: the results of AHP analysis employed to prioritize the strategies showed that the development of health-based sports activities, promotion of position and structure of sports affairs and boosting the sports motivations and culture are the three first sports strategies pursued by National Iranian Gas Company. 
Keywords: Strategy, Strategic Map, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Interpretative Structural Model (ISM)

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