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Meisam Allahmoradi, Seyed Mohammad Hosein Razavi, Morteza Doosti,
Volume 9, Issue 18 (12-2019)

Today, because of living in the machines age and the resulted less mobility and activity of citizens, the diverse and accessible sports for the citizens has become more important. This research which was carried out by qualitative methodology with fundamental-exploratory nature and using the grounded theory is aimed at designing a conceptual model for citizen sports in Tehran metropolitan area. The purposeful-snowball sampling method was used in the research. Accordingly, in order to collect the data, 25 experts of citizen sports were interviewed, and the Strauss and Corbin paradigm analysis was used to develop the final model. Given the results, motivational and health factors were identified as causal conditions, the hardware and software context was identified as the dominant field, the behavioral, structural and environmental level factors were identified as the intervening conditions. Also, promotional, legal, financial, educational, interactive and developmental measures were identified as strategies, and securing national interests, economic consequences, sport development, health-sanitary and socio-cultural outcomes were identified as the strategies implementation results. Given these findings, one can expect that by identifying the citizen sports conditions and concentration on strategic actions, the functional and operational facilities for its development and growth would be provided in Tehran metropolitan area.

Chalak Majidi, Marjan Saffari, Mohammad Khabiri,
Volume 10, Issue 19 (8-2020)

In the recent years, adventure sports have been growing increasingly. Adventure sports are new and appealing activities that regularly include some kinds of physical and mental challenges and relative presence of natural environment. These activities are presenting new paths and sometime they called as a serious competitor for mainstream sport. The aim of this study was to present a paradigm for adventure sports development. The qualitative methodology used in this study has followed an interpretive approach that was achieved by grounded theory. Data was collected from literature, interviews, focus groups, adventure sports related documentary films and movies. Results of this study are presenting adventure sports paradigm. In this paradigm developmental causal conditions of adventure sports, contexture of adventure sports, existing intervening conditions and contextual conditions, strategies and tactics for developing adventure sports and finally consequences. To appropriate recognition and encountering with this field, that most probably will be one of the main part of sport, we suggest doing more scientific research, especially with futurology approaches. 

Iraj Eivazi, Alireza Elahi, Mohamad Rahim Esfidani, Hossain Akbari Yazdi,
Volume 100, Issue 100 (10-2020)

The goal of this study was to identify the challenges which football e-marketing faces in Iran. So by using a functional research, a qualitative approach and applying newly introduced Glazer method, this question has been answered. The target community of this research was experts, well-informed people in marketing, e-marketing, sports marketing and football managers. Purposive (judgmental) and snowball sampling methods were applied. After finishing the open coding stages, 162 labels were identified as challenges of football e-marketing in Iran. Then in axial encoding, labels were classified in 13 concepts. The results showed that the football industry in Iran in order to apply e-marketing, needs to pay attention to 5 categories of marketing, technical, human resources, legal, constitutional and economic challenges and plans for its present challenges. Also it's not useful to see one side of the challenges. It's better to have a whole, simultaneous and systemic look at all aspects of 5 categories.

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