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The Role of Attitude towards Sports Advertising on Perceived Value and Purchase Intention (Case Study: Customers of Chabahar Free Zone) (26115 Views)
The relationship of service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty with future intention for participation of fitness centers (Case study Rasht Township) (13572 Views)
Sport Entrepreneurship: A Recent Approach in Entrepreneurship and Sport Management (13396 Views)
The relationship between Perceived Organizational Justice & Job burnout and Intent to leave the Profession of the staff in Tehran Province Directorate of Youth and Sports (13389 Views)
Manifestations of Sufism, Chivarly, and Shia Religion in Ancient Sport and Gymnasium of Iran (13229 Views)
Validation of the Organizational culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) based on the Competing Values Framework Model (CVF) within Iranian Sport Organizations (Federations) (12230 Views)
The Relationship between organizational culture with knowledge management effectiveness and organizational effectiveness among selected sport organizations of Iran (11894 Views)
The Effect of Three Types of Training Environments (Competitive, NonCompetitive and Combined) on Acquisition and Retention of Open and Closed Skills (11445 Views)
Relationship between Social Support Behavior of Physical Education Teachers and motivation of Student in Physical Education Activities (11233 Views)
The relationship between principals’ leadership styles and motivational needs of the physical education teachers based on McGregor’s theory (11108 Views)
The Effect of a Course of Psychological Skills Training (PST) Program on Selected Mental Skills and the Performance of Teenager Female Taekwondo Athletes of Iranian National Team (10905 Views)
Determination of Strategic, Existing and Desirable Situation of Entrepreneurship in Sport of Iran (10707 Views)
The Estimation of Satisfaction & the Intention of Re Attendance Customers Through Service Quality Components in Sport Clubs: Study of Body Building Clubs (10672 Views)
The comparative study of barriers of sport participation among athletes and non-athletes’ female teachers in Hamadan, using Crawford hierarchical barriers (case study of female teachers in Hamadan) (10578 Views)
Study of Organizational Effectiveness in Selective Sporting Federations (10534 Views)
The Relationship among Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Internal Service Quality in Selected Federations (9967 Views)
The Relation ofAutonomy-Supportive Behaviors of Coaches withSelf-Determined Motivation and Sport Commitment of EliteFemale Players inHandball League (9897 Views)
The Relationship between Organizational Culture and Organizational Entrepreneurship in Physical Education Headquarter of Tehran (9871 Views)
A Study of the Relationship between the Styles of Conflict Management and the Quality of Dyadic manager-employee Communication in Sport Organizations. A Case Study in Mazandaran Province (9850 Views)
Comparative study of indoor sport facilities and equipments of general administration of physical education and education ministry with standards in terms of safety and hygiene in Hamedan province (9816 Views)
Estimation of Competitive Balance in Iran’s Football Pro League (9814 Views)
Perceived Motivational Climate, Psychological Needs Satisfaction and Self-Determined Motivation in Youth Male Athletes (9383 Views)
Relationship among coaching behavior, achievement motivation and team players performance of Iranian Handball pro-league (9251 Views)
The Relationship Between Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles with Organizational Commitment of Physical Educators (9202 Views)
The relationship between perceptions of organizational justice with job satisfaction and organizational commitment of personnel in I.R.I. physical education organization (9154 Views)
Effects of training and Fitness Education on the Health-Related Physical Fitness Factors in Adolescent Students: Evaluating the Mediating Role of Knowledge and Internal Motivation (8792 Views)
The effect of self-control feedback on the learning of generalized motor program and parameters during physical and observational practice (8709 Views)
The comparison among fans loyalty motivations, supportive career and attendance in popular soccer pro-league clubs (8684 Views)
The Effect of Instructional and Motivational Self-talk on the Pattern of Coordination and Accuracy of Basketball free throw (8484 Views)
Identifying Iranian sport Human brand characteristics and the rate of social acceptance of it in the internal products marketing of Iran (8087 Views)
Reconstruction of the Functions of National Media for the Development of Recreational Sports: Strategies and Guidelines (8019 Views)
The Relationship between Brand Personality dimensions and Consumer’s Loyalty to Sports Brands in Rasht city (7990 Views)
The Effect of Coaching Behaviors on Coaching Efficacy and Team Dynamic of Volleyball Pro-League Players in Iran (2009) (7917 Views)
The Relationship and Comparison between Perfectionism andMood States of Team and Individual Sports Athletes (7849 Views)
Effect of Blocked, Random, and systematically Increasing Practice Schedules on Learning of Various Basketball Pass (7723 Views)
Designing effective commercialization mechanisms for football clubs in Iran (7626 Views)
Study the validity and reliability of perceived motivational climate in sport questionnaire-2 (PMCSQ-2) for Iranian athletes (7506 Views)
Study of Factors affecting on Attracting of customer's satisfaction from Iran's sport stores based on Kano satisfaction model (7471 Views)
The effective factors model in institutionalization of sport for all in Iran (7422 Views)
Modeling the effect of Perceived Value on Loyalty and Purchase Behavior of Spectators; Case Study: Tractorsazi Tabriz Spectators (7415 Views)
The prediction of knowledge Management through Organizational Culture in some of sports organizations (7397 Views)
Sport Commitment Model Test Scanlan and Simons in Taekwondo (7306 Views)
Using Ecological Approach to Prediction Girls` Physical Activity (7270 Views)
Choking under pressure in tennis serve performance: An attentional demand explanation (7230 Views)
Relationship between organizational structure and innovation of staff experts of Physical Education Organization (7186 Views)
Fan reaction to the club's social responsibility: a case study of selected team of Iran's Football Pro League (7161 Views)
Relationship between sport success and kinesthesia in male athlete college students of the age 19 to25 (7127 Views)
Commitment in Women's Football Pro League of Iran (7124 Views)
The comparison of Physical Skill, Cognitive, and Affective Needs of Female Students in Physical Education Curriculum (7124 Views)
Identifying and prioritizing barriers to sponsorship of private companies of sport of champions (7100 Views)
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