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S. Mohammad Motevalli, Somayeh Sheikhian Azizi,
Volume 14, Issue 1 (4-2014)

In this paper, we investigated Stark mixing transition rate of muonic deuterium, pionic deuterium, kaonic deuterium and anti protonic deuterium exotic atoms in various density of deuterium and in various initial states. To this end, the effects of Stark mixing were studied by Borie-Leon and SCM models. In order to obtain exact results the experimental data on shift and width of  and of exotic atoms were used. The obtained results show considerable transition rate of muonic deuterium in various densities and in various initial state than other exotic atoms. 

Volume 18, Issue 48 (2-2007)

Efron's bootstrap method can only be used to estimate the precision measures of estimators when observations are independent. For spatial data that are spatially correlated, the moving block bootstrap method is usually used. But, in this method, the boundary observations have less chance of presence in blocks resampling than the other observations. In this paper, the new separate block bootstrap method is introduced and an algorithm is given for estimating the precision measures of estimators. A simulation study is carried out to compare the efficiency of the separate block bootstrap method with moving block bootstrap. It is shown that, with their method we can estimate the bias of sample mean with no error, and the estimator for variance of sample mean is consistent.

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