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Mahmod Bahar, H Golnabi, Mahsima Hamidi,
Volume 14, Issue 3 (10-2014)

The aim of this study was to estimate Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) induced in human head tissues, by assuming human head as a cubical model filled with lossy dielectric material and exposed to electromagnetic plane waves. The research is carried out by computational simulation using C programming codes. The numerical technique used in this study was Finite Difference in Time Domain (FDTD) method, along with Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) as an appropriate absorbing boundary condition. Different conditions including exposure conditions as well as physical parameters are employed, in order to compare the results to the past literature. Finally, the penetration depth of one of the specified models is expressed by means of interpolation. The results which are in complete agreement with the others in some cases, suggests that considering the biological tissues as dispersive media, would result in correct estimations whereas changing in the structure of the model, doesn’t differ if precise predictions are not important. Furthermore, the penetration depth correlation to frequency is in line with what is expressed in theoretical papers.

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