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A Golchini, N Rahnama,
Volume 18, Issue 19 (7-2020)

Pronation distortion syndrome is one of the most common abnormalities in the body that causes distortions in the structures of the skeletal structures of the lower extremities and increases postural sways. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of 12-week corrective exercises on postural sways in male students with pronation distortion syndrome. In this semi experimental research, 30 volunteers had pronation distortion syndrome, were selected and then randomly and equal divided into two groups of control and experimental (n=15). The experimental group performed corrective exercise consisting of inhibitory, stretching, strengthening, and integrated exercises for three months, but the control group carried out their routine exercise. The postural sways conterol were evaluated before and after of the three month of performing corrective exercises. Independent and dependent t-test were used to analyze the results (P≤0/05). The showed significant improvement in postural sways control and ground reaction force (P≤0/001), effect size 0.8 and 95% confidence interval after three months of corrective exercise, but in control group there was no significant difference (P≥0/05). In addition, after intervention, the experimental group were significantly lower in postural sways conterol and ground reaction force than the conterol group (P≤0/001), but this difference was not  significant in the pre-test (P≥0/05). It seems that systematic corrective exercise led to improve the activity of the muscles responsible for body sways conterol, which also reduces postural sways and ground reaction force in people with pronation distortion syndrome, so it is recommended that researchers, trainers, and specialists consider systematic corrective exercise in order to improve posture sways conterol and ground reaction force in people with pronation distortion syndrome.

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