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Majid Beiranvand, Mansooreh Ghaeni, Mohammad Velayatzadeh,
Volume 2, Issue 3 (12-2015)

Danio rerio Hamilton, 1822 is one of the commercial ornamental fresh water fishes and living in tropical zones, of considerable economic value in our country. This study aimed at investigating the impact of Spirulina sp. on index color in Danio rerio. 360 individuals were randomly divided in 12 aquariums with 4 treatments and 3 replications. The dietary treatments included treatment 1 or control (commercial food with no supplement of Spirulina sp.), treatment 2 (commercial food with 0.5% supplement of Spirulina sp.), treatment 3 (commercial food with 1% supplement of Spirulina sp.) and treatment 4 (commercial food with 1.5% supplement of Spirulina sp.). In general, the use of Spirulina sp. in the diet of Danio rerio caused increase in body weight and specific growth rate, but increasing the amount of dietary of Spirulina sp. powder in the diet of Danio rerio during the breeding period of 60 days had no impact on the feed conversion ratio. There being no significant difference between treatments 1% and 1.5 %, treatment 1% of supplement Spirulina sp. was found to be the best treatment for growth in Danio rerio.

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