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Rezvan Heydaritabar , Hamid Moghimi,
Volume 4, Issue 3 (12-2017)

In this study, fungal strains with crude oil biodegradation activity were screened from Shazand oil refinery (Arak). Twelve fungal strains were isolated in PDA medium. TPH assay in the presence of 1% of crude oil showed that the ADH-02 was the most capable strain of oil degradation with an efficiency of 75%. FTIR analysis was revealed that 91% of aliphatic hydrocarbons were degraded by ADH-02. This strain proved to belong to Gliomastix genius with a similarity of 99%. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons degradation analysis with HPLC demonstrated that this strain is capable of removing 67% of anthracene in 14 days. The results showed that Gliomastix sp. was a potent fungal strain in bioremediation of crude oil and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.

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