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Farhad Valizadegan, Maryam Rahimi Tesyie,
Volume 5, Issue 1 (6-2018)

The Basolateral Amygdala (BLA) has modulatory effects on working and reference memory. The aim of this study was the evaluation of effects of dopaminergic system in the BLA of rats on working and reference memory behaviors. The number of working and reference errors and time spent in the arms by rats were measured in the radial arm maze according to DSWS protocol. The animals were cannulated in the BLA bilaterally. The microinjection of low dose (0.005µg/rat) and high dose (0.5 µg/rat) of apomorphine have indicated a significant decrease in number of working memory error. But, there was not any change in the numberof reference memory error that showing the improvement of working memory. While the injection of moderate dose apomorphine (0.05 µg/rat) increased these parameters and also enhanced the spent time in working arm that presenting both memories damage. The chlorpromazine injection (2 µg/rat) decreased the number of working and reference memory errors representing the improvement of these memories. Microinjection of chlorpromazine (2 µg/rat) with different doses of apomorphine had no significant change on the both number of errors and the time spent in comparison with control groups. These findings show that BLA dopaminergic system modulates the working and reference memory through that both of (D1/D2) receptors. Also, the effect of this system in BLA is the resultant function of the both receptor families.

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