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Seyed Milad Hashemi, Somayeh Salmani , Mohammad Hossein Majles Ara,
Volume 2, Issue 4 (3-2016)

It is clear that DNA concentration and biological detection devices have many applications in the fields of genetics and biotechnology. For this goal, some similar devices have been designed working with the laser light which the disadvantages of them are high prices and the use of significant amounts of sample volume. But this designed device which works with LED light has very cheap manufacturing cost. The amounts of DNA used in this device are very low, about a few micro-liters and measurement of small, fast and portable it is also the advantages of these devices. The Data recorded as voltage versus time and the Fourier transform the frequency domain. From the frequency curve, by using the Byrlambrt it is possible to obtain the relative concentrations of DNA, viruses and assays measuring DNA damage and many other applications. By use of this device, the concentration of DNA colored with three different pigments was measured.

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