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Khadijeh Mahmoodi, Maneezheh Pakravan, Valiollah Mozaffarian,
Volume 5, Issue 3 (12-2018)

The genus Zoegea L. belongs to Asteraceae family and has about 10 species in the world. This genus is considered to be an Irano-Turanian and Mediterranean element and is distributed in south-western and central Asia and in the central, southern, north-western and south-western parts of Iran as well. The subspecies classification of the genus is not consensus and various classifications could be found in different taxonomy resources. In this study various specimens from different regions of Iran were studied. In addition, anatomical and palynological characters were used to perform a cluster analysis in order to determine species groups. In the end, our results confirmed that Z. baldschuanica and Z. glabricaulis were distinct species.

Atiye Nejad Falatoury, Mostafa Assadi,
Volume 5, Issue 3 (12-2018)

Gypsophila hispida, sect. Hispidae, is reported for the first time from NW Iran. Illustrations, morphological and palynological descriptions and distribution are provided in detail, along with a key for the six taxa of subgen. Hagenia from Iran.
Farideh Attar, Hossein Maroofi,
Volume 7, Issue 4 (2-2021)

In this article the collection of specimens related to Onosma sulaimanica from Kordestan Province, Iran, was confirmed and reported for the first time. Therefore, the species is recorded for the flora of Iran. This species is placed in the sect. Onosma, subsect. Onosma, ser. Wheeler-hainesii. A diagnostic key of related taxa belonging to series Wheeler-Hainesii and Aleppica, and the photos, micrographs and a distribution map of the species were also presented.

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