Objectives of the journal

 | Post date: 2023/05/19 | 
Journal of human and information interaction publishes original research articles and critical reviews in the field of human and information interaction, human information behavior and related issues. Paying attention to the cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects of these studies is a basis for the development of interdisciplinary research in this field. Based on this, human and information interaction includes the following topics, but is not limited to these and can include other fields with the help of interdisciplinary links.
•Theoretical foundations and theories of informational behavior 
• Informational needs of different groups
• Informational behavior including information seeking behavior
• Collaborative and social information seeking
• Use and avoidance of information 
• Information processing by humans 
• Information dissemination and sharing 
• Cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects of Human and information interaction
• Technical and software aspects of user interface design
• Human-computer interaction (HCI) 
• User-centered evaluation of information systems 
• Human aspects of information retrieval 
• Information ecology 
• Information poverty and overflow 
• Information sharing and social capital
• Information literacy and media literacy 
• Production, dissemination and sharing of information in social networks 
• User-oriented design of information systems 
• Giving meaning in the interaction of humans and information 
• Fields and horizons of information

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