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Zahra Alimoradi, Mohammad Zerehsaz, Ali Azimi,
Volume 9, Issue 3 (10-2022)

Purpose: Information counselors have different tasks depending on the different roles they can take on in libraries or other organizations. These tasks are based on the needs of the organization and, of course, current developments, especially in the field of emerging technologies. The first task of an information consultant in an organization can be to help determine the policies and information needs of that organization. The purpose of this study is to determine the model of desirable job competencies for holding an information consulting job in Iran.
Methodology: This research was applied in the fall and winter of 2019 using thematic analysis and Delphi analysis methods. The research community in the first part includes texts in the field of information consulting and two parts of Delphi include experts and experienced people in the field of information consulting. In this research, a coding list and two questionnaires for Delphi panels have been used as data collection tools. SPSS software was also used for data analysis.
Findings: Findings showed an increase in the score of all types of individual competencies, knowledge, and skills at the advanced level compared to the basic level. Moreover, the average merit scores in both levels were higher than the average level. This finding indicates that despite the high importance of all competencies at both professional levels, the importance of many competencies is higher at the advanced level, where more complex responsibilities are envisaged for IT consultants.
Conclusion: In the research model, the types of individual competencies, knowledge, and skills required at both the basic and advanced professional levels are introduced. It should be noted that providing specialized training to job applicants such as information counseling can strengthen their desirable job competencies. Therefore, when starting to work in professions such as intelligence consulting, applicants should have an acceptable level of competence and experience the additional training, knowledge, and skills needed to take on higher and more complex levels of responsibilities

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