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Maryam Asadi,
Volume 1, Issue 3 (12-2014)

Background and Aim: The basic aim of the present study is to investigate users’ query reformulation behavior with regard to wholistic-analytic cognitive styles, search task type, and experience variables in using the Web. Method: This study is an applied research using survey method. A total of 321 search queries were submitted by 44 users. Data collection tools were Riding’s Cognitive Style Analysis test, Web experience questionnaire, and three search tasks. Results: Results indicated that analytic formulated more queries and longer than wholistic to complete search taks and hi-experienced users formulated more queries and shorter than low-experienced users in completing their tasks.  We identified five methods of query reformulation types: New, Add, Replace, Remove, Repeat. Strong correlations were observed between Add and Replace. Results indicated that there were significant different between query reformulation behavior of wholist and analytic and analytic users seemed to be better than their wholist peers in query reformulations. Also findings showed that the more complex tasks, the more number of search quries to complete tasks. The New and Add dominated amongst the query formulations while performing Web searching. Conclusion: Future HCI researchers and IS developers can utilize the study results to develop interactive and user-cantered search model, and to provide context-based query suggestions for users.  
Monir Atashbasteh, Hamzeh-Ali Nourmohamadi, Saeed Asadi,
Volume 1, Issue 4 (3-2015)

Background and Aim: This research studies the effective participation and scientific collaboration in Persian Wikipedia, from 2003-2012. 
Method: The library method has been used. Also, considering the objectives and the nature of subject, the research method is a descriptive-applied and during its implementation scientometric technique has been used. Excel and SPSS softwares have been used for analysing data. Considering the two communites of active authors and featured (top) articals, data were collected by means of toolserver, showing the recent statistical changes about the wiki authors and articles.
 Results: Results of ranking the 362 active authors showed that 20% of active authors with 78.90% of the production of added articles and 10% of authors with 86.15% of edits, were identified as hard working partners. The interpretion for the differences between the range of participation of authors, was determined that the characteristic of membership level plays an important role. On the other hand, the study of participation in the 88 featured (top) articles, indicated the editional distribution of articals although influenced by the number of editors, but according to the time difference between Lifetime and half-life of article edition represented the other half of article edition carried out by the hard working partners in the shorter time.
Conclusion:According to the study ofScientific collaboration of active Wikipedians, the results of survey the participation in the featured (top) articlesindicate the effective cooperation by the important minority of Wikipedians in the Persian Wikipedia depeneds on the quality of the editorial team resulting from access levels.
Maryam Asadi, Hamid Mahdigholi,
Volume 3, Issue 2 (9-2016)

Background and Aim: This paper seeks to explore the concepts of the information commons (IC). The paper provides a look at the models and characteristics of the IC. A number of projects of the IC are presented. We will discuss the situation of an existing traditional library. It makes recommendations for converting an existing library space into an IC. A number of Challenges of implementation of the IC are explored

Methods: This is a conceptual paper, so a library study approach was chosen.

Results: Academic libraries have undergone considerable massive changes over the past decade. These changes have faced the directors of libraries with difficulties and challenges in planning of the library activities. It seems that the emergence of the IC is adaptation to the changing role of the academic libraries. The IC is a relatively new concept in the Information and Knowledge Science. The IC is described as a portal through which students and faculty will access the vast amount of information resources in the world and less a place where information is kept, as focus shifts from ownership of information to access to and management of information and smart services. There are centralized access to services and technologies, contact with the users and collaborative learning play an important role.

Conclusion. No one knows what will the academic library of the future look like? Needless to say, it will be a constantly evolving information resource with knowledgeable and skilled staff that provides fast, flexible access to digital and print information resources, fosters scholarly research in a comfortable and supportive environment, and promotes cooperative learning. The IC is a first step in that direction.

Vahide Zeinali, Nosrat Riahinia, Vadood Javadi Parvaneh, Saeid Asadi,
Volume 4, Issue 1 (6-2017)

Background and Aim: Health Information Prescription (HIP) means delivering right information to the right person at the right time. The present study was performed to determine the effect of HIP on caregivers' self-care ability.
Materials and methods: In order to evaluate the effect of HIP on caregivers' self-care ability the quasi-experimental study was carried out on 37 caregivers. Data collection was conducted using a checklist for evaluation of self-care ability. According to the checklist, the caregivers' information including four main domains (total knowledge about JHMS, attention to the effects of JHMS, the effective treatment activities and the quest of medical services) was scored based on a 5-point Likert scale. HIP services were then delivered. The caregivers' information was evaluated once again through the checklist and the pre and post intervention results were compared.
Finding: This study showed that the mean score of self-care ability in each of four domains including total knowledge about JHMS (p=0.001), attention to the effects of JHMS (p=0.001), the effective treatment activities (p=0.001) and the quest of medical services (p=0.001) increased significantly after HIPS.
Conclusion: Results of this study indicated that HIP can increasingly improve the caregivers' self-care ability.
Faranak Zomorodpoush, Saeid Asadi, Mohammad Zerehsaz,
Volume 5, Issue 3 (12-2018)

Background and Aim: Promotion of the life of people with disabilities depends on the provision of their information needs. Employment plays a key role in the lives of these people and is considered as a way to improve their lives. The present study is aimed at assessing the information needs of people with disabilities who participated in the supportive employment program.
Methods: A qualitative research with the use of Grounded Theory examines the information needs of people with disability. The required data in this research were collected from semi-structured interviews with twenty four jobseekers who were purposefully and theoretically selected, and interviews continued to the saturation of data. Then, in the three stages of Open coding, Axial coding and Selective coding which are used in the Grounded Theory researches, the information needs of those with disabilities participated in the Supportive Employment Pragramme, were extracted.
Results: The results of the study indicated that there was a wide variety of information needs in these four categories: general information and news, (2) empowerment and personal and family problems, (3) research, education, Lifelong Learning and (4) Professional and career information. The most important communication Channels were classified into five categories: cyberspace, mass media, human resources information, training courses, and responsible government bodies 
Conclusion: Due to the importance of obtaining information by the people with disability, eliminating their concerns and other needs of these people, attention to their information needs seems to be necessary. These needs were in many respects similar to those of ordinary people. The observed differences are due to the specific physical and mental status of this community, which the responsible institutions are required to provide the necessary facilities for access to the information they need.

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