Aim & Scopes

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Aim and Scopes
The journal is dedicated to maintaining high academic standards, integrity, research ethics, and excellence by publishing scholarly work of the highest quality in Sports Medicine and Kinesiology disciplines; Sports Biomechanics, Sports Injury, Corrective Exercise, Adapted Physical Activity, and Sports Rehabilitation, Physiology, Technology and more. Original research manuscripts, reviews, case reports, and short reports are welcome to be considered for publication.

Subject Coverage
     Topics covered include:
- Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) - injury & reconstruction.
 - Arthroscopic techniques.
 - Athletic injuries
 - Basic science relevant to clinical sports medicine, including the subjects of anatomy, biomechanics, and cell biology.
 - Children and adolescents.
 - Degenerative joint disease.
 - Epidemiology of sports injuries.
 - Imaging studies.
 - Injury prevention and treatment.
 - Male and female athletes.
 - Orthopaedic issues in sports.
 - Physiotherapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation.
 - Protective devices
 - Rehabilitation, health and training.
 - Specific injuries including shoulder, knee and meniscus subjects.
 - Sport and exercise medicine (SEM).
 - Sports medicine technologies.
 - Sport specific subjects such as soccer, football, and baseball issues.
 - Sports medicine and sports science, including performance research.
 - Surgical techniques for the shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle.
 - The application of physiological and biomechanical principles to specific sports.
 - The medical syndromes associated with sport and exercise.
 - Treatment techniques.       

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