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Vahideh Ranjbari, Mehdi Rafei Borujeni, Shahram Lenjannejadian,
Volume 20, Issue 23 (9-2022)

Introduction and aim: The kinematic analysis of elite athletes’ performance is an important method to determine effective parameters of sport performances. The purpose of the present study was to compare kinematic characteristics of the upper extremity in adolescence and adult players in three-step shoot in Handball. Methods: Nine elite adult handball players working in the Super League (23.55 ± 2.69 years) and ten teen handball players (16.4 ± 0.69 years) participated in this study. The pictures related to the final stage of the shoot were recorded three dimensionally and analyzed by a graphic interface in MATLAB software. The data related to the angular position, angular velocity and peak angular velocity and position corresponding to the upper limb joints of athletes, including the wrist, elbow and shoulder were obtained. Statistical data were used for analysis through student t-test for two independent groups with significance level p ≥ 0.05 in order to compare two groups. Findings: There were significant differences between two groups in angular position of elbow joint during extension at maximum angular velocity and linear velocity of the ball at the time of the release. Conclusion: it seems that other factors than cinematic characteristics such as anthropometric characteristics along with muscle strength in adult are important to get the maximum velocity of ball release. 

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