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Mohammadreza Dehkhoda, Kazem Khodai, Sohrab Malekzadeh,
Volume 13, Issue 9 (4-2015)

The aim of this research was to study the effect of warm up with two different type intensity on plasma antioxidant enzymes and damage indices of lipid, protein and DNA after intensive activity in non-athlete males. 12 non athlete students of kharazmi University participated in this study. Firist, subjects VO2peak were measured by Gas analyzer (Meta Max 3B) on the ergometer cycle with incremental test. Work rate in the low and high intensities of warm up were calculated for each subjects on the VO2peak chart Then subjects in the three sessions with 48 hours interval divided to three groups of warm up with low and high intensity and non-warm. In each session resting blood sampling collected then first group warm up with low intensity (45-50% VO2peak) for six minutes and then perform intensive activity The Second group performed warm up with high intensity (75-80% VO2peak) and then intensive activity and third group directly without warm up performed intensive activity. Blood sampling collected after two hours of the intensive activity. In other sessions group members were changed by cross design method. Using analysis of variance with repeated measuring and the LSD test for statistic analyze. The results showed a significant differences in MDA, carbonyl-protein 8-hydroxy-2-deoxy Guanosine and also antioxidant enzymes SOD, CAT and GPX companing to resting state. Main difference of MDA and SOD was not signifacnatly lower in the low intensity warm up state rather than other state. In the other variables non warm up state have lower value and intensity warm up state have higher value. Result of the study indicate that low intensity warm up can decreased lipid damage but not effected on the protein and DNA damage. Also, High intensity warm up can case increases all three type of damage. Therefore low intensity warm up in non-athlete males is better than the high intensity warm up.

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