Goals and Priorities of Journal of Research in psychological Health

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It is an open access journal. All of the stages for submission and publishing article in this journal is free and we dont take charge from authors or anyone who want to use articles in journal archive. 
objectives and Priorities
: The primary goal of the this journal  is the exchange of views and ideas of scholars and scientists in various fields pertinent to health, and the promotion of knowledge in this field.

The principal academic scopes of the quarterly are the following:
1.     Psychological and psycho-physiological aspects of chronic illnesses. 
2.    Stress and Coping
3.    Behavioral, cognitive and social models related to health
4.     Psychosocial and psychosocial processes affecting psychosis and the continuation of mental disorders and health-threatening illnesses.
5.     Psychological interventions in the treatment of health-threatening diseases
6.    The relationship between culture and health
7.    Qualitative and Combined Methodology in the Field of Health Psychology
8.     Development of interdisciplinary studies related to health
The following articles have the highest priority for publication and admission:
1. Articles containing new ideas
Articles taken from doctoral dissertations 
3. Data being collected through non-self-assessment questionnaires 
4. Articles carried out with qualitative methodologies
5. Articles devoted to vulnerable groups with health problems and people having mental and physical disorders 
6. Effectiveness-centered articles which measure the standards of effectiveness research, such as the  registration of the effectiveness plan in http://www.irct.ir, and the control of intervening factors in effectiveness.

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