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Ali Shams-Aldini, Javad Etaat, Human Shahrivar,
Volume 2, Issue 5 (12-2013)

Rural tendency toward continual participation of rural settlers in social, economic and political activities is being considered as one of the most prominent factor in rural development .However, it is being argued that political participation of people namely rural settlers does not necessarily lead to high level of awareness and overall and comprehensive social and economic development of subsistence communities.Rather,it may provide the ground for demanding their economic and service share and subsequent struggles and internal disputes. In Mamasani region located in Fars province,criteria with regard to peoples participation is not based on an open society rather, political participation principle follows the tribal expectation. This study aims to analyze the political participation trend of the rural settlers taking into account their tribal identity, in provision of economic and social services in rural communities. As such, 90 rural households extracted out of 4 villages with population over 1000 as sample. This paper considered the level of rural participation in national election as well as the determination of relationship between tribal identities of the house of representative with level of provided services in their rural communities. This study suggests that people who took part in election voted for nominees who have high tribal identity. Moreover, provision of services and welfare in villages is highly associated with representative’s identity and his tribal affiliation.

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