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Sara Moradi Kelardeh, Fereydoon Yaryari, Mohammad Hossein Abdollahi,
Volume 10, Issue 3 (11-2016)

The applications  of  electrical  stimulation of  the  brain , which include invasive and non-invasive methods , are now burgeoning in the fields of neuroscience. The aim of this study, was to investigate the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) in reducing the smoke craving and the rates of stress. Therefore, using random sampling and snowball method, in the population of smokers in the students of kharazmi university, we selected 20 subjects and assigned them in experimental and control group. The instrument used in this study, was the smoking urge questionnaire (SCQ) and stress subscale of depression, anxiety, stress scale (DASS). Analysis of covariance and t-test of diminished scores showed that there are significant differences between groups in rates of craving and stress in post-test stage (respectively, 0.035 & 0.000, p<0.05).in addition, the number of used cigarette reduced after interventions (0.029,p<0.05). Generally, tDCS had an effective role in reduction of smoke craving and stress in experimental group.

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