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Zohre Abareshi, Karineh Tahmasian, Mohamad Ali Mazaheri, Leili Panaghi,
Volume 3, Issue 3 (11-2009)

One of the most effective factors on child psychosocial development is the relationship between mother and child which is affected by parental self-efficacy. The aim of study was to investigate whether Psychosocial Child Development training program can increase positive mother-child relationship and parental self-efficacy. The method of this study was semi-trail with control group. primary samples were 43 mothers of children under three that were selected voluntarily from Imam reza, Qa’em and Razavi Kindergartens in Mashhad, Iran.and then they were voluntarily  put in the experimental and control group. In the posttest stage, the samples of the study decreased to 30 subjects. Mothers filled out child-parent relationship and parental self-efficacy questionnaires in pretest, posttest and follow-up stages. Then the Data was analyzed by repeated measures analysis of variance. Results showed that Intervention increased parental self-efficacy significantly, but Positive mother-child relationship didn’t increase. In the domains of relationship, dependency increased but other domains such as conflict and closeness didn’t increase significantly. It seems that in spite of increasing of knowledge and parental self-efficacy, mother-child relationship was affected by other factors such as shortage of time for affecting, insufficient exercises, small sample and other uncontrolled factors.
Marzieh Paghandeh, Saeid Hassanzadeh, Sogand Ghasemzadeh,
Volume 13, Issue 1 (5-2019)

Hearing Impairment is one of the most complicated sensory impairments that has an effect on parenting stress and parent-child interaction. Parent-child interaction program taken from parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) theory which was developed by Sheila Eyberg resulted from her wide background on actor theory, traditional child psychotherapy and the first child development. In fact this program has used both attachment theory and social learning theory to gain access to ways of powerful parenting. So parent-child interaction is effective for a correct performance with the child and reduction of parenting stress especially for those who are hearing-impair and have parents who are not. Parents who have a child who is hearing-impaired have a negative cognitive evaluation of their abilities as parents so causing a reduction in mental health and well-being of parents. The present study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of educational program of parent-child interaction for mothers who have a hearing-impaired child on reduction of parenting stress and relationship of parents with the child. The present study was of semi-experimental kind and used pre-test and post-test model and a follow-up step with control group. Sample included 30 preschool children with hearing impairment and their parents were purposefully selected and randomly put in two groups of experimental and control. Then before performing, parent-child interaction program was designed and edited by the researcher. This program included providing need assessment form and defining parent education parameters. In child directed interaction (CDI), reward, mimicry, reflection, description, enthusiasm, getting attention and in parent directed interaction (PDI) issuing good orders, encouraging discipline, punishing by standing on the chair because of disobedience and making authentic rules at home were considered. Subjects of experimental group received parent-child interaction program in 12 sessions during one month. To study parent-child interaction and parenting stress, parent-child relationship scale and parent stress scale were used. The findings showed mean of scores in parent-child interaction and parenting stress has been effective in father; but it increased more in control group in post-test in comparison with pre-test in mother. The results of the study showed the importance of parents' cooperation in parent-child interaction. It seems effectiveness of parent-child interaction program showed on improving the relationship of parents with child having a hearing impairment.

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