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Volume 9, Issue 2 (5-2015)

Chronic renal diseases not only effect on physical health but treat psychological health and other aspect of life. Recent studies show different results about the effect of dialysis on quality of life and sexual function. With respect to importance of these issues in treatment of renal patients, the present study focused on quality of life, sexual desire and function in this population. It was a causal-comparative study with convenience sampling from dialysis and nondialysis patients of Azahra Hospital. Data gathering by 4 questionnaires: Short-Form Health Survey questionnaire, International Index of Erectile Function, Hullbert Index of Sexual Desire, Female Sexual Function Index. The results shows that dialysis patients have less quality of life comparing with no dialysis patients. Also the results show that dialysis and no dialysis women had no deference in sexual function, but it was deferent in dialysis men (less sexual function). In sexual desire factor no dialysis patients was better than dialysis patients. With respect on present study’s results the quality of life and quality of sexual relationship –especially- in dialysis men is significantly less than normal population. These results may be because of the side effects of dialysis such as decrease physical functioning, depression, and etc.

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Volume 10, Issue 2 (6-2016)


multiple sclerosis (Ms), being a chronic disease, has a deep impact on pattient’s life and  living with a chronic progressive disorder such as multiple sclerosis (Ms) does not only present a challenge for patients, but may also produce considerable distress for their intimate partner. This research aims to evaluate comparison of sexual function and marital adjustment married woman with MS and normal. Using a causal-compare design with random sampling was evaluated 100 female (50patients with MS and 50normal subjects) that normal group were matched in demographic variables (gender, age, level of aducation) with MS group. They completed spanier marital adjustment scale and rosen sexual function.The results was analyzed using, analysis of variance. The results showed that there is significant difference between sexual function and marital adjustment married woman with MS and normal. ­­Results suggests that multiple sclerosis patients have more poor performance in compare with normal group in sexual function and marital adjustment.


Mrs Masomeh Tadris Tabrizi, Dr Majid Saffarinia, Dr Mahnaz Aliakbari Dehkordi, Dr Ahmad Alipour,
Volume 16, Issue 1 (6-2022)

The aim of this research was to investigate the relationship of Alexithymia and female sexual function by mediating social exchange styles. the research method was a descriptive correlational. The Statistical population was composed of all married women living in Tehran, of which 550 individuals participated in the study through online recall. The research tool included Toronto alexithymia scale, the Women's Sexual Function Scale and Social Exchange Styles Scale. Fitness of the proposed model was estimated through structural equation modeling (SEM) and using Lisrel software package. The mediating relationship in the proposed pattern were tested using the bootstrap procedure. The results of structural equation modeling indicating fitness of model and showed that alexithymia with the mediation of benefit-seeking style and overinvestment style had an indirect effect on sexual function. According to the results, in order to improve sexual function should be considered in social exchange styles. The findings of the present study provide a useful framework for identifying the influential components in the field of social psychology in women's sexual function that should be considered in prevention and treatment programs.

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