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Khaghani and Occult Sciences (4357 Downloads)
A Clever Irony of “Hafiz (4252 Downloads)
The Three Most Outstanding Promoters of Indian Style of Persian Poetry in India (3531 Downloads)
The Miracle of Brevity by Eliminating Different Parts of Speech in Sadi’s Gulistan (3263 Downloads)
A Study of Social Symbolism in the Poetry of Mehdi Akhavan Salis (3220 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Writing and Reading of Huzvāriš (Zand-o-Pāzand) in Borhân-e Ghâte (3195 Downloads)
Simile, the Dominant Form of Imagery in Hassan Dehlavi's Lyrics (3113 Downloads)
An analysis of a number of formalistic techniques in Khaghani's Odes (3065 Downloads)
From the Safavi Ideological Zeal to the Religio-Political Pluralism of the Kings of India (Reflection on the State of Safavid Poetry) (2927 Downloads)
The Subcontinent, A Persian Lexicography Pioneer (2908 Downloads)
Consolidating Literature and Linguistics Terminology (2898 Downloads)
The Pioneers of Persian Rhetoric in the Indian Subcontinent (2871 Downloads)
Nostalogia in Sanaee's Poetry (1959 Downloads)
Discriptive Bibliography of Mas'ud Sa'd' Salman (1805 Downloads)
The Reflection of the World Literary and Political Schools in Myrzadeh Eshghi’s Poems (1726 Downloads)
The Three Manifestations of One Art: Verse, Prose, and Poetry in Literature (1577 Downloads)
The Study of Nature and Concept of Pain and Suffering in Ahmad Shamloo's Poems (1518 Downloads)
A rhetorical critical study of the story of " Zaal and Roudabeh" in Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh and the Story of "Jamshid and the king of Zabol’s daughter" in Asadi’s Garshasbnameh (1487 Downloads)
Manifestations of Feminine Thoughts in Forugh Farrokhzad’s Poetry (1465 Downloads)
Moulavi and Surrealist Poetry (1134 Downloads)
A Structural analysis of “Keiykavous Going to Mazandaran” Story (1123 Downloads)
A Linguistic Study of the Sonnets of Mohammad Ali Bahmani (1107 Downloads)
Dying before Death’ and ‘rebirth’‘ In Persian Mysticism and Literature (1040 Downloads)
The secret of Moulana's silence (1021 Downloads)
From Earth to Heaven: The Appearance of the Beloved in Persian Poetry- from Farrokhi to Hafez (1014 Downloads)
Bibliography of Religious Epic Poems about Imam Ali (PBH) (1012 Downloads)
The role of Beyhaghi’s allegories in the articulation of the atmosphere of distrust in the court of Masoud Ghaznavi (996 Downloads)
The Influence of the Aesthetic Style of Holy Qoran on Hafez (995 Downloads)
Spoken Standard Language versus Written Standard Language (987 Downloads)
Patriotism in the Poetry of Mohammad Taghi Bahar and Hafiz Ibrahim (980 Downloads)
Mimicry from Literary Criticism's Perspective (977 Downloads)
Analysis of the Structural Elements of Iranian and Foreign Grotesque Stories (976 Downloads)
Parvin Etesami at the Crossroad of Tradition and Modernity (951 Downloads)
Affection, Attitude, Poetic Imagery (947 Downloads)
Iraj Mirza and the poem "heart of mother" A Comparative study of historical background of an international subject (944 Downloads)
Khayyam Form the different looking (929 Downloads)
Beauty and Heart (Hosn O Del) (918 Downloads)
Psychological Mechanisms to Escape from the Negative Aspects of Freedom in Simin Behbahani’s Poems from Erich Fromm’s Perspective (908 Downloads)
Reflections on the First Two Verses of Rostam & Sohrab Story (899 Downloads)
Sea and Its reflection in the Poetry of Mohammad Ali Bahmani (895 Downloads)
A Study of Tone in Nizāmi’s Khosrow and Shirin (887 Downloads)
The Effect of Crying on Behavior in Molavi's Mathnavi (873 Downloads)
A scheme for the analysis of poetic language (869 Downloads)
The Declaration of Written Language (862 Downloads)
Translation and its impacts on the contemporary Persian & Arabic Literary Developments (858 Downloads)
A Contrastive Study of Superficial Education and Spiritual Education in the Words of Saadi and Molana (857 Downloads)
"Death" in Sanai's works (855 Downloads)
Freedom and Deliverance in Language and Literature (844 Downloads)
Attar and Shabestari (837 Downloads)
Moulana's views Regarding the Relation between Text, Author, Audience, and other Texts (835 Downloads)
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